Get An Office Job You Show Up Early For

Get An Office Job You Show Up Early For

Admit it, you spend countless hours dreaming about escaping your mundane 9 to 5 job, gaze off in the middle of the day dreaming of pina coladas, and wish you could just pack up and see what the world has to offer. But its all about money and commitments isn’t it? For many people that dream will always remain just that, a dream. However, the world is opening up and there are more and more opportunities presenting themselves for you to kiss the rat race goodbye and live the life you only see in the movies.


How you ask? What about flight tickets, accommodations, food, living costs and everything else? The key is to not become overly concerned with the finer details and start grasping the openings that are readily available. Here is a quick overview of some of the get paid to travel prospects that just may suit your lifestyle and needs.


#1- A Traditional Travel Job

This is the most common way that people escape abroad and move overseas. You can find a job that will pay you to travel, or get posted with a company that is located abroad. While this is the most common, it is often the lowest paying option and most complicated to get involved with.


The most ready available get paid to travel jobs are offered for positions such as group travel coordinators, flight attendants, package couriers, ESL teachers, cruise ship workers, salespeople, professional speakers and travel agents. Another job that is becoming more common is working as a wedding coordinator in a tropical destination. More and more couples are choosing destinations such as the Caribbean to get hitched, and there is a growing amount of money to be made if that job suits your resume. This might allow you to live in a place that most people can only hope to visit for a week at a time.


If you are not as concerned with banking a huge paycheck then there is an abundance of travel jobs located in spectacular destinations. You are usually going to have to be willing to take a pay cut, and live within your means. But, the good news is that the cost of living is much lower in many of these regions.


#2 Become a Travel Writer

Now, you may think that travel writing jobs are scarce, but that is not necessarily the case. There are a ton of different travel writing jobs available within magazines, books, websites and every other form of media you can imagine. You can create your own website, start blogging or work with an already established travel company. Your best bet here is to start slow and take baby steps. Travel writing success will not come overnight but you can begin by making a name for yourself and jumping at each opportunity. Do not be scared of rejection, and get ready to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start over if you have to.


#3 Selling Affiliate Products

You do not necessarily have to be an internet guru or a computer genius to get started with affiliate products. You can begin by creating a simple website and attract traffic through social networking sites, by creating content and promoting your site anywhere you can. You will be amazed at the amount of affiliate products out there that can sell themselves as long as you bring the customer to them. The best part is that your start up cost can remain minimal and you will usually receive between 50%-75% of each sale that you make.


There is no need to create your own product, stash goods in a warehouse or even sell your soul for a small business loan. While this is not a traditional get paid to travel opportunity, you can create a company that can make you money 24 hours a day, 7 days a week no matter where you are in the world or what you are doing. Bring your laptop to the beach and just refresh your online bank account and order a new drink every time you make a sale.


#4- Capture Your Own Memories and Adventures

Viral videos have become one of the internet’s hottest trends. You can take an adventurous vacation and start capturing the wonderful sights, sounds and attractions around you. You can use easy to follow programs such as Windows Movie Maker, edit your videos and upload them to your own site. Sit back and watch as your customer base grows and you become a household name. There are thousands of articles and books on traveling, but there is nothing more exciting for soon to be travelers than actually watching videos, in order to choose their next vacation spot.


#5- EBay

The main misconception with Ebay is that people think they have to own a product and actually ship it themselves. With the creation of drop shipping and fulfillment houses you do not need a product of your own or a warehouse to store physical goods. Use an internet café to set up a post for your Ebay business, attract customers and watch the orders come in. Find a product that many people may not know about but will be attracted to. Market it yourself, set up a fulfillment house and essentially, start banking cash on other people’s ideas. As underhanded as it sounds, this is the way marketing works these days and the companies that create the products will appreciate your tactics.


What is the Next Step?

The information you have read here is not enough to let you quit your day job and move abroad immediately. The common problem with a lot of information and promotion on the internet is that you are tricked into believe there is such a thing as overnight success. Finding a way to get paid to travel takes commitment and dedication, no matter what route you are looking to pursue. This article is simply meant as a means to inform you of some specific opportunities that are available these days.


If you are serious about quitting your day job and escaping the rat race, then start making some serious decisions. Start applying to as many places as you can, create your own website or even your own LLC company. You never know which opportunity could change your life. Know that there is a good chance that you will be rejected or fail a few times before you establish success. Just keep in mind, that in the end it will all be worth it. When you save up enough money to travel Europe for free or purchase the beach house of your dreams in the Caribbean, all the hard work will be made worthwhile.


The key to working abroad is to remember that success will most likely not come to your doorstep. Go out there and create opportunity yourself and the success will follow.

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