Stunning Beauty Can Be Found Where You Least Expect It

Stunning Beauty Can Be Found Where You Least Expect It

Imagine a working schedule that is dictated by ice. It seems like something that would have come about centuries ago in the Ice Age, but it is actually a reality in Antarctica. While you would be hard pressed to find Antarctica on the top of anyone’s list of top destinations, it is definitely a once in a lifetime experience. The sights, the sounds, the weather, and the wildlife are unlike what anywhere else in the world has to offer. A journey there will be more than just memorable, it could even be epic.

Essentially you have a number of options if you want to head to the Antarctic. You can use your years of research and education to grant you permission to the area as a scientist, empty out your bank account and pay top dollar for a cruise, or find a job through the rewarding United States Antarctic Program. The U.S.A has maintained a high tech and scientific base in Antarctica for quite some time now. They utilize three bases that operate all year round and make use of two separate ice breaking vessels. One station is about 2,500 miles from New Zealand and the other is just 700 miles south of beautiful Chile.

What Could Antarctica Possibly Offer?

What could I possibly do in Antarctica? There must only be jobs for top scientists and experienced researchers, right? What could possibly be rewarding about heading to such a remote, and cold, part of the world? These are probably very valid questions that you are asking yourself and we are going to get to all of them in just a few minutes.

The truth is that the majority of people staying and working on the continent are in fact personnel and ordinary staff, not scientists. There are opportunities during the winter for people to land jobs as cooks, janitors, plumbers, carpenters, drivers, and any other job that is required to keep a small town running. Most of the job opportunities in Antarctica are pretty practical. Sure you may not be sitting there dreaming of washing dishes for a living, but how many people get to do it in Antarctica?

A great opportunity may came if you looking into becoming a general assistant in Antarctica. Through these jobs you can learn new skills, work towards pay increases, and also be ensured a position in certain departments the next year. Tired of cooking food? Move on and become a welder next year, or try your hand operating equipment. The learning curve may be steep but there are more than enough people willing to help and allow you to make the most of the experience.

Now you are probably thinking one of two things. First off, you may be wondering what benefits could possibly come from heading to a frozen tundra and being secluded from the rest of the world. Or you may be wishing that you made the move towards such an experience when you were younger. We will get to the benefits in a moment, but first we need to make it known that this is an opportunity everyone can benefit from. Whether you are middle aged and looking for a change of scenery, retired and looking to fulfill a life long dream, or a recent graduate looking for a unique experience, there are opportunities in Antarctica. Once you join in with the community you will come across all sorts of people from different walks of life. There are adventure seekers, retirees, tradespeople, married couples, singles, teachers, and everything in between. This isn’t one of those chances in life where you have to be bummed out that you waited to long to look into. This opening to get paid to travel is there for the taking.

This Could Be Your Life Everyday in Antarctica

This Could Be Your Life Everyday in Antarctica

Benefits of Working and Living in Antarctica

The added bonuses of living in Antarctica are not always obvious right away. While some people may be turned off by the fact that they would be so secluded, it offers the perfect opportunity to bank cash and fatten up your bank account. During your time working you will be given free room and board and really have nowhere to spend your paycheck. Essentially you will have the opportunity to send almost every penny that you make back home. Whether you use that to pay student loans or stock up for travel later on is a choice that is completely yours.

The wildlife and nature that you come across will be stunning to say the least. Imagine conversing with penguins, watching massive icebergs floating about from your window, or getting up close and personal with whales while driving a zodiac. While you will battle with the elements, will have to deal with extended periods of darkness, and will be thrust into storms, it truly is an experience that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

The opportunity to learn is also incredibly abundant in Antarctica. You will be conversing daily with skilled tradespeople, expert researchers, and brilliant scientists. It is not uncommon for scientists to give lectures about what they are doing on the continent or for different craftspeople to run classes. You can learn how to build things, repair equipment, analyze animals, or even just part take in building a snow shelter from the ground up. Living in Antarctica is like combining university with an incredible camping experience, and getting paid for it all the while.
So How Do I Go About Getting To Antarctica?

The road that most people take to Antarctica is to sign a 6 month or full year contract. If this is your first time taking on such a unique adventure then a 6 month contract may be what you should look into. However, if you are all about making money and banking cash, the full year may be beneficial. You will have to pass a physical test, a number of psychological exams, and prove that you will be beneficial to the project. And then your once in a lifetime journey can begin. You will be allowed to bring approximately 75 pounds of luggage if you are heading to Antarctica in the summer, and close to 150 pounds if you are trekking down there for the winter. The summer generally lasts from October to February which goes to show you just how backwards things are going to be.

Once you have completed your contract successfully your airfare home will be paid for by Raytheon, the company that has put together the program and puts everything together. What most people do is take face value for that air ticket, combine it with the money they were able to save, and take a well deserved vacation. You worked hard, you enjoyed the experience, and now it is time to bask in the glory of the added money in your bank account, and the stunning sun in Chile or New Zealand. You can revel in the shock of only being 700 miles away from the frozen tundra yet relax on the pristine beaches in Chile with a cocktail in your hand.

The opportunities to move abroad and work abroad are out there, and they are beneficial. All you have to do is get your foot in the door and get ready for an experience that will change your life, open your mind, and fatten your wallet. While Raytheon is a USA based company, there are a number of other similar companies that provide the service and opportunity from Canada, Australia, and Britain just to name a few.

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