Stunning Beauty and Activities to Suit Everyone

Stunning Beauty and Activities to Suit Everyone

If you talk to anyone who has visited Vancouver Island or lives there, they will all tell you that there is no place like it. While it may not be considered a tropical paradise it has so much more to offer than most other top island destinations do. It truly has everything from rocky shores and majestic beaches to endless pristine mountains and expansive farmlands. While there are a number of big cities and metropolitan areas, you do not have to hike far to become one with nature. In a matter of minutes you can be in the thick of the wild and come in direct contact with all sorts of wildlife from grizzly bears and cougars to dolphins and killer whales.

If you ever get the opportunity to tour Vancouver Island it is a chance that you will regret passing up. It is truly one of the gems that can be found in today’s world and is a genuinely unique part of British Columbia and Canada.

Southern Island Region

The southern region of the island consists of greater Victoria and has some of the most popular attractions on the island. You can spend the day taking in the exotic flowers that can be found at Butchart Gardens or make your way to the rugged beaches that are just west of the city. Victoria is considered to be home of whale watching excursions on the island and this is more than likely the area that you will fly into when visiting.

Gulf Island Region

A lesser known part of the island is the Gulf Island Region. This area can be found on the eastern side and is home to a variety of unique islands that you will definitely want to hop onto for a visit. The Mt. Warburton Pike is known for having one of the most magnificent views of anywhere on the island and is situated on Satuma Island. One of the most popular islands is Salt Spring Island which has plenty to do from hiking to fishing or even spending hours at the very large Saturday market.

Cowichan Valley Region

If you want to absorb yourself into the native culture within the island then Cowichan Valley is where you should head. Duncan is often referred to as the city of totem poles and has a history rich in culture and hinged on the forestry industry. The region is also well known for producing excellent quality wines, having a great shopping district and a number of mouth watering restaurants.

Central Island Region

Now if warm summer water and sparkling beaches is your thing you can easily find that as well. The Central Island Region is dotted with huge beaches that are perfect for long walks and where your children can spend hours playing. Nanaimo is the second largest city within Vancouver Island and has a dazzling waterfront area full of country markets.

Sunset in Tofino

Sunset in Tofino

Pacific Rim Region

You can also find hot tourist spots in the Pacific Rim Region such as Tofino, Uclulet and Port Alberni. Each offer a number of different activities and scenery that you can become a part of and each is well worth the trip. You can take a ride on the steam train in Port Alberni or stop in and bask in the beauty of Stamp Falls. Ucluelet and Tofino are only separated by about 30 kilometers and in between them you can find a whole strip of long, sandy beaches known as Long Beach. Ucluelet is the perfect stop for whale watching, kayaking and sight seeing.

Also be sure to plan the appropriate amount of time to stay in Tofino, as there is a whole host of activities to do and sights to see. You can surf, swim, fish or just walk on the beach but be sure to stop in at the Hot Springs Cove. Watching a storm pass by in the area from the beach is a memorable experience that you are not going to want to miss.
If you haven’t already figured it out, Vancouver Island is an incredibly unique top island destination that has something for everyone. From the lengthy strips of sandy beaches to whale watching to shopping and even totem pole museums, you will never run out of things to do while visiting Vancouver Island. Sure it may not offer the tropical weather that so many of us seek out, but once you visit this top island destination, climate will be the last thing on your mind.

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