Stunning Sunset in Santorini

Stunning Sunset in Santorini

When most people discuss top island destinations the first thing that comes to mind is beauty. When it comes to Santorini, Greece the world beautiful is simply not enough. It is majestic and awe inspiring and there are only a few places in the entire world that can match its unique elegance.

While some island destinations are covered in white, sandy beaches, Santorini is packed with white beaches, red beaches and black sand beaches. While so many hotels are crammed into the city stuck between tourist attractions, the hotels you will see in Santorini are hanging ominously over the edge of the cliffs. The accommodations are placed in their own little world with nothing left for you to worry about except taking in the view and utter relaxation.

Santorini’s Sensational Sunset

The sunset that you will find in Santorini is one of the main reasons that it has been classified as a top island destination. It is what honeymoons are made of and memories are built on. When you sit on the deck of a hotel on the edge of a cliff in Santorini you will forget that anything else in the world exists. Nothing else matters and nothing else is important, just bask in the eternal magnificence that surrounds you. Call it cliché if you want, but a vacation to Santorini will make you realize that there is more to life.

The history of Santorini is endless and thus, the island offers a never ending variety of ancient artifacts and treasures spread out all over the island. You can take a day tour to view the ancient settlements of the Hellenistic or Romans or visit the awe-inspiring cathedrals and museums.

Take in the Abundance of Food and Flavors

Santorini is an island destination full of flavors and succulent food. Greece and food go together like jam and bread and the plethora of restaurants in the area could make up an entire book of their own. However one of the most popular and most well know is 1800, which sits in one of the best spots to watch the sun set. Its Mediterranean cuisine is often referred to as the best you will find anywhere in the world and is backed by thousands of seasoned travelers.

The Type of Romance You Can Only Find In Movies

If it is romance you are after then this is the place you need to be. Just picture yourself endlessly wandering the twisting streets of Greece taking in the unique flavors and smells of wine, olive oil and the coast. The blue and white buildings provide the perfect background as the sun sets behind you while you enjoy Baklava in a quite café.

The very best part of Santorini, Greece is that it offers more than can be put into words. You can read and research about the stunning sunset, the exquisite flavors and the iconic volcanoes, but there is so much more to be found. Santorini is a top island destination simply because pictures and words do not do it justice. Once you spend one day on the island of Santorini you will never want to leave, and you may not have to.

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