A Tide Pool in Galapagos

A Tide Pool in Galapagos

The Galapagos Islands do not offer the same vacation that so many other top island destinations do, but that is why it is so loved. Once you visit this magical place you will understand where the old adage, “Great things come in small packages” comes from. Essentially the Galapagos are just a tiny cluster of volcanic islands that is placed just beside the equator. For centuries it has captured the attention of scientists, tourists and even science fiction fans. In many ways this area was instrumental to the creation of Darwin’s Theory of Evolution and has become a playground for some of the earth’s most unique creatures.

There is no shortage of adventures and activities that you can partake in while visiting the Galapagos Islands. You can swim with the only penguins that are found living near the equator in the world or even take a hike alongside some of the largest tortoises on earth. If you are a bird lover you can take a tour and try to spot the majestic Waved Albatross or the Flightless Cormorant, which is in fact the only bird in the world that cannot fly. If you love to swim then you even scuba dive with dolphins, whales and gigantic sea lions. The Galapagos Islands are truly a nature lover’s paradise and offer some of the most unique experiences in the world.

The Unique Geography

The area itself is made up of 19 different sized islands and islets that offer people like you the best chance to see nature and wildlife at their very best. There are no real natural predators in the area so the abundance of wildlife is allowed to roam free and without fear of human interaction. Galapagos is often described as the “Laboratory of Evolution” and is now over five million years old, which makes it quite young in comparison with the rest of Earth. This World Heritage Site is actually an official national park and a province of Ecuador. All of the reptiles here are endemic to the region and close to 25 percent of the fish and birds that you will find there are as well.

Break Out of the Vacation Mold

Galapagos is not a top island destination due to a large number of touristy attractions by any means. This is not your typical holiday with conglomerate hotels or fine dining restaurants, but there is still an abundance of activities to engage yourself in. Whether you are a novice scuba diver or an expert, if you love diving the Galapagos Islands are where you need to head.

You can venture out into the water and swim alongside eels, penguins, manta rays, whales, exotic fish and even Hammerhead sharks. Fishing has been temporarily banned in the area which has ensured the marine life are less edgy and thus, you have a much better chance of getting up close and personal.

Activities and Sight Seeing on Land

That is not to say that there is nothing to do for land lovers on this top island destination. You can trek along the islands and walk along some of the best hiking trails in the world such as the Isla Santa Cruz. You never know which animals you may come across or even which new creature you may discover, just by taking a simple stroll along the coast of one of these magical islands. While swimming or surfing activities are hard to come by on this top island destination, you are sure to be infinitely busy with everyone else that you may not even miss it.

If you are looking for a truly unique island destination then you need not look further than the Galapagos Islands. You can see nature at its best and interact with some of the most mysterious yet awe inspiring creatures that can be found anywhere in the world. Whether you love to walk, scuba dive or take a boat cruise, the Galapagos can offer you a new experience with each passing minute.

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When it comes to deciding which top island destination to travel to, you are often left with one main choice. Do you want a vacation where you can relax, unwind and get some peace of mind? Or do you want to visit a destination where you can have an unforgettable and wild adventure? Well that is exactly why Bermuda is so popular; you do not have to choose. This top island destination offers the best of both worlds.

Bermuda has secluded beaches that sit just miles away from action packed nightlife. It has all the local flavor mixed in perfectly with all the comforts of home. This is precisely why Bermuda is not only a top vacation spot but also one of the most popular destinations that people choose to call home.

A Place that Meets the Needs of Every Traveler

Bermuda, if it hasn’t already been said, has everything for everyone. It is the perfect island destination for families yet an incredible place to get away for a secluded and romantic adventure. From the crystal clear water and the mind numbing scenery to the welcoming atmosphere and intricately stunning caves, there is no such thing as a day wasted in Bermuda. And the best part is that you can see the entire island and all three of the main towns in just a couple of days. For instance the old capital of St. George is only about a fifteen minute drive from the main city of Hamilton.

St. George is the perfect place to stay if you are looking to be a little bit out of the way yet close enough to everything else you might need. In all honesty though, no matter where you stay in Bermuda you are still going to find yourself in a perfect location. You can see the sparkling emerald water from pretty much anywhere on this top island destination, yet are just minutes away from excellent shopping and fine dining.

Activities and Attractions

In terms of attractions to partake in there is also an abundance of options. From the excellent shopping opportunities, breathtaking scuba diving adventures and touring the magnificent caves, you will find that every day of your vacation is jam packed with activities. It is also often said that swimming in Bermuda is like nowhere else. It is like one enormous, calm swimming pool. The water is perfect, warm and clear which makes for excellent snorkeling or allows you the perfect opportunity to just lay still and relax while the sun kisses your face.

Dining in Bermuda

The dining atmosphere and cuisine in Bermuda is also bar none. You can engage your senses in the local cuisine or comfort yourself with all the foods you love that remind you of home. Bermuda is home to some of the most popular and appetizing dishes in the world and no matter where you choose to dine, you will not regret it, day in and day out.

Warm Climate and Even Warmer People

On top of all this the people of Bermuda are known for being the warmest and most welcoming people in the world. They are educated, sophisticated and friendly. This is another reason why Bermuda is a top island destination. They will welcome you from the moment you arrive and ensure that you have the best stay possible for the duration of your vacation, no matter how long it is.

Bermuda offers the perfect vacation for anyone, no matter what your tastes or interests are. Whether you want to relax and have a calming vacation, enjoy the exciting nightlife, or both, Bermuda offers it all. This variety of attractions combined with the tropical climate and breathtaking environment, make Bermuda one of the top island destinations in the world.

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Great Stone Moai at Sunset

Great Stone Moai at Sunset

Easter Island is a top island destination as it seems to play on the subconscious. Picturing the ominous and stunning great stone moai brings a sense of creativity and primal urges to our minds. Easter Island is by far one the most isolated areas in the world and is essentially just a small dot dropped into the middle of the great pacific. The area is covered in volcanic ash and lava left behind by three submarine volcanoes. This top island destination is often referred to as the “navel of the earth” by many locals and tourists alike.

The Unrivaled History

The history within the island is unrivaled anywhere else in the world and the mystery behind the great stone moai megaliths has still yet to be uncovered. Sometime within Easter Island’s rich history there were food shortages, cannibalism, deforestation and massive population growth, yet there still is no concrete proof about what exactly went on.

All that is left is the artwork and monuments that were left behind from natives from the past. It is this mystery that constantly draws so many tourists and scientists alike, with each passing day. A trip to Easter Island will force you to ponder exactly what life is, what everything means and the purpose and mindset of humankind on the whole.

Unique and Mind Numbing Attractions

To this day one of the most exciting attractions is Rapa Nui National Park. It is home to this top island destination’s main archaeological sites and is where the replanting of the todomiro forests is taking place. The area offers the perfect opportunities for mountain biking, horseback riding and hiking and even scuba diving as there is a rich ecosystem to be found, even though the mainland has been left in ruins. The visibility in the area can often exceed 100 feet and the water is refreshingly warm hovering around 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

Breathtaking Caves and Cliffs

The island itself is placed right on a volcanic ridge that is often referred to as the “hot line”. It is because of this unique atmosphere that there are so many different species of marine life. While there are no coral reefs to be found, there are a number of different species of coral that can be seen in the region. The lack of a protective coral reef has caused plenty of erosion on the coast which has created stunning, intricate caves and submarine cliffs.

If nothing else Easter Island is a top island destination simply because of how much it will make you think. While the attractions and sight seeing are immaculate and exciting, there is so much more to this historic spot. Simply sitting on the cliff and overlooking the land, or standing underneath one of the 60 foot tall great stone moais will make you question so many things. It will make you realize just how much more the world has to offer and just how important resource management and protecting the environment is for our future.

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Stunning Beauty and Activities to Suit Everyone

Stunning Beauty and Activities to Suit Everyone

If you talk to anyone who has visited Vancouver Island or lives there, they will all tell you that there is no place like it. While it may not be considered a tropical paradise it has so much more to offer than most other top island destinations do. It truly has everything from rocky shores and majestic beaches to endless pristine mountains and expansive farmlands. While there are a number of big cities and metropolitan areas, you do not have to hike far to become one with nature. In a matter of minutes you can be in the thick of the wild and come in direct contact with all sorts of wildlife from grizzly bears and cougars to dolphins and killer whales.

If you ever get the opportunity to tour Vancouver Island it is a chance that you will regret passing up. It is truly one of the gems that can be found in today’s world and is a genuinely unique part of British Columbia and Canada.

Southern Island Region

The southern region of the island consists of greater Victoria and has some of the most popular attractions on the island. You can spend the day taking in the exotic flowers that can be found at Butchart Gardens or make your way to the rugged beaches that are just west of the city. Victoria is considered to be home of whale watching excursions on the island and this is more than likely the area that you will fly into when visiting.

Gulf Island Region

A lesser known part of the island is the Gulf Island Region. This area can be found on the eastern side and is home to a variety of unique islands that you will definitely want to hop onto for a visit. The Mt. Warburton Pike is known for having one of the most magnificent views of anywhere on the island and is situated on Satuma Island. One of the most popular islands is Salt Spring Island which has plenty to do from hiking to fishing or even spending hours at the very large Saturday market.

Cowichan Valley Region

If you want to absorb yourself into the native culture within the island then Cowichan Valley is where you should head. Duncan is often referred to as the city of totem poles and has a history rich in culture and hinged on the forestry industry. The region is also well known for producing excellent quality wines, having a great shopping district and a number of mouth watering restaurants.

Central Island Region

Now if warm summer water and sparkling beaches is your thing you can easily find that as well. The Central Island Region is dotted with huge beaches that are perfect for long walks and where your children can spend hours playing. Nanaimo is the second largest city within Vancouver Island and has a dazzling waterfront area full of country markets.

Sunset in Tofino

Sunset in Tofino

Pacific Rim Region

You can also find hot tourist spots in the Pacific Rim Region such as Tofino, Uclulet and Port Alberni. Each offer a number of different activities and scenery that you can become a part of and each is well worth the trip. You can take a ride on the steam train in Port Alberni or stop in and bask in the beauty of Stamp Falls. Ucluelet and Tofino are only separated by about 30 kilometers and in between them you can find a whole strip of long, sandy beaches known as Long Beach. Ucluelet is the perfect stop for whale watching, kayaking and sight seeing.

Also be sure to plan the appropriate amount of time to stay in Tofino, as there is a whole host of activities to do and sights to see. You can surf, swim, fish or just walk on the beach but be sure to stop in at the Hot Springs Cove. Watching a storm pass by in the area from the beach is a memorable experience that you are not going to want to miss.
If you haven’t already figured it out, Vancouver Island is an incredibly unique top island destination that has something for everyone. From the lengthy strips of sandy beaches to whale watching to shopping and even totem pole museums, you will never run out of things to do while visiting Vancouver Island. Sure it may not offer the tropical weather that so many of us seek out, but once you visit this top island destination, climate will be the last thing on your mind.

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The Stunning North Shore of Kauai

The Stunning North Shore of Kauai

When conversation revolving travel to Hawaii comes about, it always seems that Maui gets all of the attention, but maybe it doesn’t deserve it when compared to Kauai. Kauai, Hawaii is a top island destination due to its stunning, relaxing and peaceful atmosphere that you would be hard pressed to find anywhere else in the world. Whether you are looking for an unforgettable honeymoon or an adventurous vacation to get away, Kauai is a place that should be on the top of your list. In fact, there are very few visitors that end up visiting this top island destination just once.

Captured on Film

Kauai is the spot where many filmmakers have ventured to capture its unforgettable beauty as it is the location for such films as Blue Hawaii, Fantasy Island and Jurassic Park. While Kauai remains a very popular destination it has not been overtaken by large buildings or commercial monuments in any way. You will be hard pressed to find any building that is larger than a palm tree, instead you will be surrounded by dazzling waterfalls, pristine mountains and exotic wildlife.

Plethora of Sights and Activities

In the northern part of this top island destination you will find tropical rainforests, untouched hidden white sandy beaches and sky high cliffs that will leave you standing breathless and in awe. This is not the island you want to head to if you are after indoor excitement or fast paced nightlife. Instead this is the chosen destination for outdoor lovers. You can opt for a helicopter guided toward through a grand canyon, fish in shallow streams for massive trout, hike along the sky high cliffs or even kayak right alongside the Na Pali Coast.

The beaches in Kauai are incomparable to anywhere else in the world. They are more than stunning and more than spectacular. These are the beaches that you thought only existed in your wildest dreams. And there is no shortage of options when searching for the perfect beach as you can choose from 43 sparkling and tropical beach spots across the island. Whether hiking, kayaking or mountain biking, you will be unable to travel more than a few miles without coming across a beach that will make you want to jump in for a quick dip.

Take in All the Island has to Offer

The trick to enjoying all of the sights and sounds of Kauai is to try and work your way around the island and not stick to one coast or one shore. The South Shore offers the most popular part of the island with gorgeous beaches and stylish resorts. This is the place to shop and the place to dine. The golden, sand crescents and the palm trees make it a site that you will never forget.

However you must also take in the North Shore to get the full experience of this top island destination. This is where you will find attractions such as Hanalei Bay and the surrounding Hanalei Town. Here you can create an unforgettable vacation of your own as you can walk for hours without running into another soul and enjoy seclusion that you would be hard pressed to find anywhere else on the island.

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Culture and Seclusion at an Affordable Price

Culture and Seclusion at an Affordable Price

While you are sure to have heard of Zanzibar, whether in school, through popular songs or just through your own research, it is still one of the best kept secrets in the world. Partially because when people think of top island destinations, Africa is not the first place that jumps to mind. However it definitely should be. Zanzibar and its assortment of islands is one of the last remaining pristine beach islands left in the world that is undiscovered.

From the azure colored waters to the silky-sand white beaches, there are a plethora of reasons that Zanzibar is a top island destination. The waters are warm, there is an abundance of coconut trees whose shade you can hide under, and the island is the perfect getaway where you can relax and get the peace of mind you so desperately crave.

Unparalleled Cultural Variety

Stone Town is one of the most culturally diverse destinations in the world. You can partake in the activities found at the local food market or take a walk and meet all sorts of unique interesting people. You will notice that the area has flourished under a number of different cultures and heritages such as Persian, Asian, European, Arabic and of course African.

While the excitement of the day is not to be forgotten, the epitome of it all comes together at night when everyone congregates at the local Forodhani Gardens for a celebration of life and culture.

Many top island destinations are popular because they offer luxurious accommodation and popular activities, but sometimes you may be looking for something a little different. That is why Zanzibar is a top island destination. It has barely been commercialized and draws far fewer visitors than other islands and that is why Zanzibar offers such a unique experience.

While other islands try to boast that relaxing, get away from it all vacation, Zanzibar truly does. Serenity and peace are inherent and the ability to relax is unrivaled when compared to almost everywhere else in the world.

Seclusion and Beaches on a Dime

It is this unspoiled atmosphere that will also provide you the chance to getaway for an affordable price. If you are looking for a luxurious hotel, then you can easily find one. However, if you want to take off on a dime then you can easily find a guest hotel right on the beach for as low as $25 a night.

Zanzibar is a top island destination for more than just a few reasons. It is pristine, unspoiled, full of culture and flavor and provides the ultimate chance to escape it all. Break away from the cookie cutter vacation and the conglomerate hotels and truly find peace of mind in Zanzibar.

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