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Posted by Drew On September - 29 - 2009
Photo By taiyofj

Photo By taiyofj

Remember how your mother always told you to look for the silver lining in every cloud? It sounded a little naive at the time, but in reality there always does seem to be a bright spot just when things look to be at their worst.

Sure money is tight and the economy is struggling. The good news is that you aren’t the only one dealing with financial woes and trying to save money. This means that major companies and businesses have to do whatever it takes to attract more business, and persuade savvy and budget travelers to once again pack their bags.


What does this mean for you right now? The price of a vacation is going down, airlines are having sales every month and even hotels are starting to become a little bit more affordable. recently completed and published a report stating that the average price of hotels in a number of cities is steadily on the decline.

So forget cramming into a hostel and forget spending your next vacation at home. Instead take a look these 10 cities where the price of hotel rooms is drastically on the decline.

#10- Find Cheap Hotel Rooms in Frankfurt, London, Vienna and Beijing


Each of these 4 vacation hotspots have had a 12 percent drop in hotel pricing recently. This places them all a couple notches higher on traveler’s wish lists. It also means that this just may be the right time to take in the aftermath of the Olympics in Beijing or try to grab a cup of tea with the Queen.

#9- Find Cheap Hotel Rooms in Riga, Latvia


Thanks to a recent 13 percent drop in the average cost of the city’s hotel rooms, Riga comes in at #9 on this list. While the city isn’t always atop every traveler’s list of dream vacation spots, it really should be. Riga is the home of delightful local beers, festivals, entertaining events and is adorned with all kinds of elegant and modern architecture.

#8- Find Cheap Hotel Rooms in Barcelona, Spain


On average, the price of hotel rooms in Barcelona has dropped a pretty impressive 14 percent. Sparkling sights, succulent cuisine, and an affordable view of the Mediterranean are just a few of the things you can find in Barcelona hotel rooms, and they are now more affordable than they have been in a long time.


#7- Find Cheap Hotel Rooms in Singapore

Singapore is the home of incredible nightlife and the place to be if you are looking for an exciting vacation. Looking for an inexpensive city within Singapore in particular? You may not find one. The entire country has seen an impressive 15% reduction in hotel pricing. What that means is more money to spend shopping on Orchard Road and a few extra Singapore Slings every night. Be sure to mind the hangover.

#6- Find Cheap Hotels in Las Vegas, Nevada


Now this isn’t to say that Las Vegas is necessarily the best place to go if you are looking to save money, but the city has seen a 17% decrease in hotel rates. In the end this probably means more money into the slot machines, but hey, that is more fun than spending all your cash on the hotel anyways. Everyone has to head to Vegas at least once, and it looks like right now may be the best time to bask in the glory that is Sin City.


#5- Find Cheap Hotels in Oslo, Norway


Oslo comes in at #5 on this list as it tied Las Vegas with a 17 percent drop in the cost of hotels. If the temptations within Vegas seem to be a little much for you then Oslo may be the perfect place to get away. It offers natural beauty and is the ideal spot for outdoor lovers, swimmers, cyclists and boaters.

You are sure to love laying your head down on a discount hotel bed after a long day spent in the great outdoors.


#4- Find Cheap Hotels in Marrakech, Morocco


Now some of you might be thinking,”excuse me…where”? Just because you haven’t heard of Marrakech doesn’t mean that it doesn’t offer the ideal vacation you might be looking for. Thanks to a 20% drop in hotel rates within this stunning city, Marrakech may just start quickly moving up on a number of travelers’ to do lists.

The city is crammed with African culture and is surrounded with stunning waterfalls, towering mountains, deep valleys, and crystal clear rivers which may have you never wanted to actually return to your hotel room. Good thing you found a discounted room.

#3- Find Cheap Hotels in Mexico City, Mexico


If you are looking for a vacation in a hot, exciting and popular destination then you are going to love the fact that Mexico City has seen its hotel rates drop by up to 23%. Tie that price drop in along with the hustle and bustle of the city, the exciting nightlife, the exotic flavours, and the affordable price of tequila, and you have the perfect getaway wrapped up into a neat little box.


#2- Find Cheap Hotels in Belfast, Northern Ireland

To be honest tourists really do not need any more reasons to visit Belfast, but now they do anyways. Hotel rates in the city have dropped by a staggering 29 per cent which means there really is no reason not to visit the heart of Edwardian architecture and the home to a number of medieval castles.

Now you can wrap yourself up in the history and folklore of Belfast for a fraction of the price.


#1- Find Cheap Hotels in  Moscow, Russia


The city that has seen the most significant decrease in hotel room pricing is Moscow. According to the city has seen a 36% drop in hotel rates which means that you have more money to stock up on winter gloves, fur boots and vodka than ever before.

Everything else aside, Moscow really is overlooked by a lot of tourists and it shouldn’t be. Hopefully now that hotels are so affordable people will start to realize just how much there is to do in the constantly evolving and increasingly modern city.

Save Money so you can Travel Longer

Save Money so you can Travel Longer

When it comes to moving abroad, or just saving up enough money for a vacation, there is a lot of emphasis put on banking cash and finding ways to get paid to travel. However, if you are an avid traveler and are looking to jump from destination to destination, then your focus needs to be on cutting costs as well. The sad truth of the matter is that, when it comes to hotels and resorts, a $15 bag of potato chips is not all that uncommon and there are numerous hidden fees that you might not be aware of. Here are some helpful tips on how you can save money while traveling and cut down the cost of your hotel bill, no matter where you are.


Research, Research, Research


While most hotel fees are noted and presented via the fine print of a website, you should always delve deeper into the issue when you can. Take advantage of reviews and personal opinions of hotels and get in touch with a reservation specialist. This will give you a clearer picture of your overall cost when traveling, and you won’t be as floored when the hotel bill is presented upon checkout.


Use and Love the Internet

In many cases, third party websites and travel agencies will be more open about surcharges and hidden fees. is a great place to start and will usually give you a full price quote, including all the little extras. Some direct websites will keep certain add-ons under wraps, such as an added fee for an extra bed or guest.


The Difference between Hotels and Resorts

In most instances, hotels will have a lot more add-on charges at the end of your stay that can catch you by surprise than resorts. Resorts will usually tack a set “fee” onto your bill upfront which will cover a number of services and maintenance issues. A lot of people also mistakenly think that all hotels or resorts under the same company name will apply the same costs. This isn’t the case and the surcharges are often tailored to meet the specific and individual needs of the property.


Keep Up to Date

Just because you stayed at a certain resort or hotel the year before, does not mean you will be presented with the exact same bill. Accommodation charges are constantly changing and being upgraded thanks to new add-ons such as Wi-Fi and service fees. Your best bet is to get in contact with the hotel as directly as you can, or a reservation specialist, and inquire about all the details. Remember, there is no such thing as a stupid question.


Do not be too nervous to Negotiate

While there may be quite a few fees and service charges that cannot be altered, there are a decent number that hotels or resorts will be willing to overlook, in order to keep your business. If you are booking a long term stay or are a repeat customer you can often request for a flat fee, or have some usual charges knocked off. You should also never assume that your final bill is actually correct. Be sure to ask for a copy the night before booking out, that way you can analyze it carefully and pick apart any questionable charges.


One thing to try and remember is that a lot of travel deals that seem too good to be true, actually are. Do not jump at the seemingly low price without thinking over the details, or getting informed as much as possible. Do your research, take advantage of the internet and get in touch with the right people before making a final decision. There are very affordable and cheap getaways to be found, just make sure you do your homework before packing your bags. It could make all the difference in ensuring you have enough money to enjoy your trip and stock up on some nifty souvenirs.

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