All the Freedom in the World

All the Freedom in the World

A lot of people get so caught up in escaping their mundane lives and heading to the tropics that they forget some of the options available. There are so many websites, E-Books and offers focused around real estate abroad and business opportunities in foreign countries. Thus, it is mind numbingly easy to get caught up in all this advice and end up working just as hard in the Caribbean as you did back home. Is that the reason you want to escape in the first place? Probably not. You want to get abroad because you want more freedom, more flexibility and a more rewarding life each and every day.

Take some time to set your priorities before jumping abroad and figure out exactly what it is that you are after. If you are looking to start a mega corporation in the Cayman Islands and make big money, then all the power to you. However if it is the laid back and carefree lifestyle you crave, then you should look into all your options.

If you are fawning after the freedom that can come with living and working abroad then living offshore on a yacht is a magical idea. If you get too caught up in foreign investment and real estate you can get tied down quickly and never get the chance to explore the world the way you intended. With a yacht, borders are invisible and walls are taken down. If you have trouble deciding where it is you would love to reside, then this is the life you might want to look into.

From partying in Monte Carlo after dark to awaking to the sun kissing your skin in the Caribbean, every dream becomes viable when you invest in a yacht. You are not strapped into any one place and can invest into your home without fear of having or wanting to relocate. You can deck out your yacht with anything and everything you need and have the ability to change the backdrop to your life every single day.

Just imagine being able to cruise the Mediterranean one month and then sail through Sydney, Australia the next. All without having to uproot your lifestyle, your family, sell your home or get someone to take care of the dog. This is all a possibility when you choose the life of a sailor. With the development of modern technology when it comes to yacht design and the borderless bounds of the internet, this type of life is more attainable than you ever imagined. You can take your home office with you out into the open seas. Imagine sitting on the deck of your personal yacht, feeling the breeze in your hair, sipping a Corona while plugging away on your laptop. What more could you possibly ask for?

The leniency when it comes to the purchase and registration of yachts has made this dream even more attainable than ever. Countries like Panama offer extreme flexibility for people willing to invest money into their materials and you can take advantage of this. With a little bit of money saved up, a decent part time job online and a little research into what type of boat you want, you could be living the life many only dream about before your next tedious and dreary staff Christmas party. What a way to ring in the New Year!

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