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Photo By javajoba

Some modernity, quite a bit of serenity and a whole lot of tropical ease make up the ingredients of a perfect holiday destination, or the perfect place to throw down your hat and call home. If it is that sort of lifestyle you are after then Bahamas is definitely one of the places to be. There is often no better place in the world that offers these ingredients as well as a relaxing way of life with all the comforts of home as the Bahamas.

The Bahamas is spread over a number of islands that extends up to 700 and twenty five hundred cays. This alone provides one with sparkling opportunities to explore coral reefs, go scuba diving and dive down and snorkel. That is just the beginning of activities that are available in the Bahamas. If you love to do it, you will find it here. While it is impossible to get into all of the details of what the Bahamas has to offer, we are going to provide you with enough information to help you decide if this is a place that you want to call home.


A Little Bit of Background into the Bahamas


The capital of Bahamas is Nassau and it is the perfect place to be, given the ample number of beaches and resorts in the city. The entire country is rich in musical taste which centers on the traditional ‘goombay’ and some down town rake and scrape. Location wise, no wonder, it is almost impossible to find a better place than the Bahamas less than a 100 miles off the coast of Florida. It has the perfect climate averaging a tad over 75 degrees and is a dazzling destination for weddings, siestas, parties, honeymoons, family vacations and expats looking for a little more out of life.

Touring and Vacationing in the Bahamas


When in the Bahamas behave like Bahamians do. Check out the bars, restaurants, casinos, go scuba diving and take a stroll to Atlantis and check out the best shops in the world. The tourist activities are endless and you can just about anything that springs to mind. The water activities range from scuba diving, snorkeling and fishing. If golf interests you then there is no better place than the Cable beach golf course. You can go shopping at the famous Bahamian shops and boutiques and then there are the beaches of the Bahamas, apt for water sports, sun tanning and simply kicking back and getting away from it all.

You may also want to venture out and partake in exciting cruises. And that’s not all, while in the Bahamas you’ll have exclusive access to various museums such as the Bahamas historical society museum, the Pompey museum of slavery and emancipation and the Roselawn museum. The nation has a rich historical heritage that includes parliament square, balcony house and the queen’s staircase. Further, you can have a glimpse of beautiful gardens such as the Versailles gardens and the retreat.


The Bahamas is also well known for its rich flora, fauna and also has some interesting zoos to boast, for example, the crystal cay. The tourist attractions of the Bahamas are numerous and this leaves you with a lot of choice to pick from. The top rated tourist attractions are Bullocks Harbor, Chub Cay, the Eleuthera Islands, the Exuma Cays, the Exuma iIlands, Great Abaco, Harbour Islands, Inagua Islands, Nassau, Rolle town and San Salvador also known as the Rum cay and The Bight. You may get exhausted visiting all of these places, but the sights are not something you will tire of no matter how long you stay in this paradise.


Culture in the Bahamas


Culturally, The Bahamas is quite rich. It is a blend of African and European cultures and has a whole lot to offer. It is noteworthy that the bohemian culture at the present time is also deeply influenced by the American culture, music and television owing to the increased commercialization and growing amount of tourism. Despite all this the Bahamians haven’t lost their uniqueness.

The national language is English. The people have a great taste in music as Junkanoo music has originated in the Bahamas. The Bahamas also has given rise to many carnivals and fashion parades. It is a super religious country and is also known as the Christian nation, needless to specify that Christianity is the main religion here. The currency of the Bahamas is a dollar (BSD) and the GDP per capita is $22,359. 


Finding a Job in the Bahamas


If you are considering moving to the Bahamas to find a job then this is another country that boasts quite a bit of variety. The prime jobs for expats are those in the teaching and the hospitality industry, given that the Bahamas is a popular tourism spot. There are ample amounts of jobs available in the tourism industry such as jobs for scuba divers, hotel staff and chefs as well.

Second in the list are administrative jobs and legal jobs. You can even consider the insurance industry and the medical field because there is a constant look out for doctors as well as the nurses here. Besides those, you can always look for jobs in the field of accountancy, engineering and management. Nassau happens to be the hub of many such job availabilities.


The government has always tried its best to shelter the local banking industry and local financial industry, which in turn generates a lot of job opportunities for the local people as well as expats. The Bahamian government is a little strict about immigration and only entertains those who are key employees of a company or are specialized in something that the locals are not. However, you will find the immigration process in the Bahamas is far less strict than that of other countries and popular destinations.


The population of the Bahamas is well spread out and resources in the country are fairly distributed. The cost of living in Bahamas is generally said to be a little higher than that of other countries given the cost of goods here. This is simply because most items need to be imported and thus come in levied with heavy taxes which in turn make them costlier. Automobiles, food and clothing are the basic three subjects in this particular category.


Medical and dental treatment is less expensive in comparison to the similar services provided in the United States. You will find that many government run hospitals, such as the Princess Margaret Hospital in the capital city or the Rand Hospital in the city of Freeport, offer medical services that are quite affordable however the waiting hours can be long given the number of people taking benefits from such services.


If you sit down and truly decide to move to the Bahamas, finding adequate housing can be a bit of an issue due to overcrowding, but it surely isn’t a big enough problem to scare one away. In case you are moving in after you have managed to find yourself a job in Bahamas then your employer can always help you out. Don’t ignore the rules in terms of work permits before moving in, it is a must have.


Bahamas is a nation that offers an unprecedented amount of comfort for expats, especially if money is not really a concern. With the right job and the right amount of money you can get anything you want here as long as you get in touch with the right people. However, just like with any destination, you can learn to live cheap and bask in the island lifestyle no matter what sort of budget you are working with.

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