Night Market in Thailand

Night Market in Thailand

If you have your sights set on living somewhere incredible while making your money last for as long as possible, then Thailand is an excellent option. To be honest and forthright it can be very difficult to find a job in Thailand unless you are involved within the gas or oil industry. High salary jobs in Thailand are especially hard to come by, but the good news is that you do not need one.

The cost of living in this stunning and unforgettable utopia is drastically low. If you can nail down a steady job that pays you on time, you can be set for years. Just as with Ecuador and Costa Rica, this should not be your first choice if you are looking to cash in quick. However, if a laid back lifestyle and care free atmosphere is your dream, it is attainable in Thailand.

When you are living, traveling or working in Thailand you can stretch your dollar further than in most other countries. While prices are creeping up as the area becomes more popular, you can still find good value, especially in areas outside of the mainstream such as Bangkok. Following is a brief yet thorough guide to the average cost of living in Thailand. The current exchange rate as of today, May 11th, 2009 is just under 35 Thailand Baht for every $1 American dollar.


As long as you stray away from the central business districts you can usually land an apartment for just a few thousand Baht a month. Keep in mind that this will just be the basics with a single room and a small fridge. However, the point of traveling to Thailand is not to spend time in doors anyways.

Once you start looking at accommodation nearing the 15,000 Baht per month is when you will notice a major improvement. For this price you can grab a comfortable two room apartment that will usually come hand in hand with a few amenities such as a shared swimming pool and so on.

If you are looking to live in the lap of luxury then you can do so for around 30,000 Baht per month. You will find a number of real estate agents and websites that focus solely on this price and if you can afford it, you are going to be immersed in a spectacular lifestyle.


One area where prices can be a bit higher than usual is in terms of electricity. The cost of living in Thailand can be substantially increased if you use a lot of appliances or constantly run your air conditioning unit. The cost of your monthly bills will correlate quite a bit with your standard of living and lifestyle. Your power bills could be as low as 1,000 Baht a month or could cost you up to 4,000. If you want to stretch out your money, then open up the windows and buy an electric fan. Think of the other areas where that money could be better spent. A cold beer can sometimes be just as refreshing as a blast of A/C and a lot more affordable.

Cell phones are readily available in Thailand and quite affordable. In fact many expatriates and native citizens do not bother investing in a land line. A simple pay per month SIM card is your best bet. On top of this you will want high speed internet access to keep in touch with friends and family back home. You can get easily setup for just over 1,000 Baht per month.


Most apartments that you come across in Thailand will not have appliances or even cooking areas. There are simply so many delicious and affordable restaurants nearby wherever you are that cooking in your home is not worthwhile. From sit down restaurants and bars to take out street carts, there is an abundance of food available for the right price. A filling meal of traditional noodles or rice will only set you back about 35 Baht. It may take some time to get used to the food and you might want to get acquainted with other foreigners in the area to learn about the best places to eat.

If you are looking for something a bit more upscale you can usual dine out at a nice restaurant with a group of friends for about 500 Baht, excluding alcohol. Not to worry, alcohol is extremely cheap throughout Thailand and that really helps to keep the cost of living down. If you aren’t in the mood for booze then you still want to make sure you stick to bottled water at all times. Bottled water is also much cheaper than you are probably used to in your native country.

In the end the cost of living in Thailand is quite affordable. That is, however, depending on the lifestyle you want to live. No matter where you travel in the world it is always possible to blow a lot of money and overspend. However if you are looking to discard some comfort items and get used to living abroad and fitting in with the culture, your money can go a long way in the wonder that is Thailand.

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