All You Can Jet With JetBlue

All You Can Jet With JetBlue

Unlimited Travel or Unlimited Chaos?

This website is all about traveling abroad and living overseas, but we also like to focus on the latest news and recent travel deals that pop up. It seems there are new seemingly sparkling deals popping up everyday, and we will do our best to keep you up to date on them. However, as with everything travel related we like to look a things with a “what’s the catch” attitude, and this definitely applies to JetBlue’s “All You Can Jet for $599” promotion.

What is the All You Can Travel Pass?

First let us break down exactly that this unlimited travel pass offers, and then we will move onto our pessimistic analysis. Basically this all you can travel for $599 deal allows you to book as many trips as you can to any of the destinations that JetBlue serves. All tickets have to be purchased before August 21st, and the good news is that if you have already bought a ticket you can exchange it right now for a pass.

All the travel you want, hardly any limitations and for just $599? Best airline deal we have seen in a long time right? Not so fast.

Ok, to be fair I am not going to pick this all you can jet deal apart………… completely. If you are a business traveler that meets clients and has a few meetings a week in different places, this is probably the best deal that has come out for awhile. However, if you are planning a quick trip to visit family then you are probably far better off just buying your average ticket and heading out on your way. Why? What if I want UNLIMITED travel because it seems to offer so much?

Get Used to This with Unlimited Travel

Get Used to This with Unlimited Travel

The Travel Window is Closing FAST

Here is the first problem, the travel window. The exclusive JetBlue deal only lasts for one month. From September 8th until October 8th, that’s it. Hey, that’s fine if you want to take a month of work and visit friends or take a tour of MLB ballparks. The problem is that it’s already mid August! Thanks a million for all the warning you gave us JetBlue. I don’t know how easy it is for JetBlue employees to book a month off of work with just three weeks warning, but I am pretty confident it doesn’t work that way for the rest of us.

Now I am not saying this is a scam or a sham or anything of that sort. In fact it really is a brilliant idea from JetBlue. September and October are considered the “dead season” for air travel as vacationers tend to be going back to school, sending their kids back to school, or just generally focusing on other things. So this is really just a marketing plan to try and get people back in the air at a time where they choose to stay away from the friendly skies.

Business to Business Travel with JetBlue

JetBlue is also obviously targeting business travelers with this unlimited travel deal. All scepticism aside, if you travel for business and jump from place to place then this deal with probably save you money. However, that brings me to my next little issue with the JetBlue deal.

ABC News came out with a story about the JetBlue Unlimited Travel deal and informed us all that a flight from New York to San Francisco was around $350. This got a lot of people excited about the deal as they could take two trips and end up saving money. I have to wonder if JetBlue paid ABC to trumpet that information about. If you look closer at the destinations that JetBlue offers, there are a very limited number of cities they fly to, and quite a few have fares of under $100. That means you will have to book 6 of those flights within a one month period just to break even. Personally I wouldn’t want to take 6 different flights in one month unless someone was paying me. (Insert shameless plug here-I will travel my A*$ off if someone wants to donate)

While JetBlue Unlimited Travel Cause Lineups Like This?

While JetBlue Unlimited Travel Cause Lineups Like This?

Unlimited Travel isn’t ALL Bad

This unlimited travel deal from JetBlue is not all bad. Maybe I am just being a cynic and being too hard. If you have a month off work and want to hop around from destination to destination, this is an excellent opportunity. If you find yourself flying to and fro on business, then visit JetBlue and book a pass. I just want to protect the people whose eyes are bigger their itineraries. I am worried about how many people will actually be able to take advantage of the deal compared to how many will purchase it on a whim, and then realize how much travel has to be done in such a short time in order to save.

If you are spontaneous and love to travel, jump all over this. I am just saying that you will definitely want to be prepared, plan out a hardcore itinerary, and do all your research before buying the JetBlue unlimited travel pass. A vacation and traveling shouldn’t be stressful. Booking back to back flights all month long in order to get your money’s worth might leave you more stressed out than when you booked time off. You may end up calling JetBlue back and booking a vacation……..after your vacation.  Maybe that’s the ploy? Maybe JetBlue is trying to make you work your tail off and travel full time so that you will be desperate for a longer, all inclusive style vacation, and spend thousands.

If you end up booking the all you can jet deal, please let me know. I wanna know your itinerary, what you planned, where you are headed or whether or not you really think it was a deal.

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