Another Day at the Office

Another Day at the Office

Even as the world economy shifts into a downturn, the travel industry is still booming. More and more people are embarking on trips around the world, exploring new cultures and getting away from it all. This is why so many people are turning to the travel industry for jobs and realizing that working abroad is an excellent solution to employment worries.


While factories and large businesses are struggling, downsizing and closing down, jobs abroad are multiplying every day. Cruise ship companies alone are becoming some of the most powerful businesses out there today, and you can take advantage of this.

The Growing Popularity of Cruise Ship Jobs


If you love travel then you have probably spent hours every week dreaming of getting on board a luxury cruise and taking in the incredible sights the world has to offer. Coming up with the money, to put down even a deposit on a cruise vacation, can be almost impossible. Well the truth is that there are ways that you can actually get paid to travel and hop on board on of those stunningly luxurious cruise ships you always see advertised. There are ways that you can actually bank money while touring across the Mediterranean, through Alaska or island hop in the Caribbean.


An ever growing number of people are realizing the potential available for cruise ship jobs and how such a job can make their dreams come true. Think a cruise ship job might be the perfect way for you to get paid and travel? Then read on and find out how you can begin a journey that could change your life.

How to Get your Hands on a Cruise Ship Job


A common mistake that many people make when applying for cruise line jobs is submitting a general application. While you may not have a true preference as to what you do on board, the cruise company sure will. They often disregard any application that does not have a certain job specified. Too many people think that they can increase their chances of getting hired by applying for every department, but such is not the case.


Before you apply, sit down and decide which job suits you the best. Consider the qualifications you will need and even do your best to investigate which department may be looking to hire. This can be done by logging onto the major cruise line’s websites and finding the careers section or searching employment ads online.

Types of Cruise Ship Jobs


There are four main types of jobs when it comes to cruise ship jobs and finding a way to get paid to travel. You can work in the entertainment department, the hospitality sector, the personal care division or in the area that takes care of servicing and maintaining the ship.


The entertainment department takes care of all activities offered and scheduled on the ship during a cruise. These jobs are often the most popular among people looking for a job abroad and include positions such as; cruise director, disc jockey, performer, swimming instructor, host or hostess, or even off shore excursion staff. If you want a position in this area, specify exactly what you are after and ensure that your qualifications meet the requirements. Do not apply to be a swim instructor if you can barely tread water for instance. You would think that would go without saying, but you would be surprised to see some of the applications major cruise lines have received over the years.


The hospitality sector deals with hiring employees for positions in the restaurants, shops and bars. Job positions include cooks, waiters, bakers, cleaners, store clerks, bar tenders and cabin stewardesses. The same advice applies here as well, you will not be hired as a sous chef on a cruise ship if you have no idea what a souffle is. Stick to your skill set when applying for jobs.


Personal care jobs include all the employment opportunities in the spa facilities, health care matters and beauty shops. There are opportunities for massage therapists, medical staff, fitness instructors, salon operators and more.


The maintenance staff usually fall on the lower end of the pay scale and are in charge of keeping the ship running and in tip top shape. These are the jobs that are often more readily available as the companies receive less applications. Unlike the other three departments, this area offers jobs for employees that are not necessarily native English speakers.

So now that you know which jobs are available, how can you go about getting your hands on one and actually get paid to travel?

Walkthrough for Cruise Ship Job Applications


The first thing that you are going to want to do is research and find out as much information as possible about the cruise line, or cruise lines, that you are applying to. In most cases you will be asked specific questions about the company during the interview, and it helps to have the information on hand. Just as with any job, the more prepared you are, the better.


The next step would be to spruce up your resume, assuming you already have one. Cruise ship jobs are in high demand these days and you are going to want to make sure your resume stands out. Also be sure to punch out a short, to the point but intriguing cover letter. Be sure to highlight why you chose to apply for the job and why you feel you would be a perfect fit for the company. Do not make it generic and write a separate cover letter for each cruise line you are applying to.


If the cruise line deems your resume to be a good fit, then you will receive longer and more thorough application forms. Be sure to read them over carefully, study everything and fill in all details honestly and concisely. Now here is what a lot of people forget to do. Be sure to attach your cover letter and resume to the application forms, even if you have already sent in your resume previously.


If all goes well from there you will then be given an interview. This will depend on your experience, education and qualities. During the interview you will be asked to clarify all the points on your resume, your experience and why you feel you fit the job and are what they are looking for. Do not be nervous, stay calm and simply answer questions with a good mix of detail and straightforwardness.


From here you will either get a letter of employment or be notified that you are not what they are looking for at this time. If you do get rejected for the positon, do not stress about it. You can apply as many times as you want to a number of different companies. Just figure out what may have gone wrong on the interview or try and get some more experience in a related field.

You’re on Your Way!


With the letter of employment you will then be asked to sign a contract, usually for a duration of 6 months. You sometimes will be given a longer contract but only if you are agreeable to it. Once the contract is over you will be given a mandatory 6 to 8 week vacation at which point you can choose to return or move on to a new opportunity. That is of course if you have done a satisfactory job during your contract.


So there you have it. A simple walkthrough on how you can look into and start applying to get paid to travel by working on a cruise ship. It is not the perfect job for everyone, but truly is an experience of a lifetime. Make sure you are ready for the commitment and qualified for the position you are looking for and you are well on your way.

Best of luck and happy sailing!

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