Get Away and Get Paid!

Get Away and Get Paid!

Do you wake up dreaming of traveling the world, visiting exotic locations, meeting interesting people and getting paid a decent wage all the while? Then you will definitely want to take the time to sit down and read this article on tour guide jobs. A tour guide job can be the perfect way to travel the world, bank money, build up your resume and network all at the same time.


Tour guides are also commonly referred to as tour escorts and these positions are essentially the most travel intensive jobs that are available today. You need to keep in mind that this job is no walk in the park, and there are a few skills you are going to have to master if you want to get paid to travel as a tour guide. The job demands patience, skill and an ability to command the attention of groups of people. But the good news is that there is a seemingly infinite number of tour guide positions available, thanks to the ever growing number of travel tour companies that are out there these days. Every year these companies are looking to hire new, energetic people to help meet the needs of the industry.

Opportunities Available for You


Whether you are looking to travel abroad or even just work in your local community, there is a tour guide position that is suited to you. Often times people looking into this industry feel that these opportunities to get paid to travel sound simply too good to be true. In some cases they are, as you have to remember that traveling while handling group requests, dealing with accommodations and keeping travelers happy can be tough work.  However, if you picture yourself traveling some of the most awe inspiring places in the world like Costa Rica, Belize, Bali, Greece, Hawaii and so on, all while getting paid, then this is the opportunity for you.

A Great Way to Network


Even if you do not see yourself working as a tour guide for life, it can be a great stepping block for a number of other careers. You will get the opportunity to meet people from all over the world and some pretty affluent people from home. There are a number of former tour guides that landed full time jobs after meeting and getting along with some pretty powerful people. If you are not a people person, then stop reading now and move on from this job opportunity. However, if you consider yourself extremely outgoing and think you have the ability to mesh well with people from all different backgrounds and age brackets, then get on board while you still can.

Banking Money While Traveling


Just as with any other job opportunity, the salary you can make as a tour guide will greatly depend on the type of tour you are escorting and how successful you become. The longer the tour, the more money you will earn, and vice versa. To give you a general idea, beginner escorts usually make around $50 dollars a day while veterans can make upwards of $150 dollars day. Also keep in mind that you have found a way to get paid to travel. All your expenses are paid for on the trip and you can also receive very generous trips from your groups if you do a good job and make sure things run smoothly. Successful tour guides’ salaries can usually range between $30,000 and $60,000 annually. Most of this money can be immediately banked, as your living expenses, food and other miscellaneous items are paid for the entire time you are working.


On the other hand if you are more interested in working locally, rather than abroad, and seeing the cities that your particular city, state or province have to offer, you can make around $8 to $12 dollars per hour. Of course more experienced guides will make more and the better you are at what you do, the more tips and benefits you will receive. The company that you end up working for will have a major impact on your total salary, as higher end companies will run more expensive tours and encourage tipping, while smaller companies may offer low profile, affordable tours and discourage tipping.


Being a tour guide can be the opportunity of a lifetime but it is not always fun and games. It is still a job and you are required to work hard for what you make. The hours you work can often be quite heavy, and you are going to have to spend a lot of time away from home, but that is what you were after in the first place, right?
Often the biggest complaint voiced by veteran tour escorts is the amount of time spent on the job and how exhausting the travel can be. So be sure that your heart and mind are set on working abroad before you contract yourself out for this intensive workload.

Suitable Living Arrangements


While it is true that you will be away from home a lot, when you have a job that lets you get paid to travel, most tour companies will require that you have a permanent residence near their central office. When business is slow in the off season, you will usually be required to help out at the office and be “on call” whenever you can. If you are really seriously looking into getting this kind of job, then you can greatly improve your chances of being hired by establishing that you will be moving into the area full time. The main reason that people’s applications are declined is that they live too far away from the company’s office and cannot easily access the office when need be.

Still Want a Job as a Tour Guide?


If this opportunity still sounds like the perfect fit, then your first order of business is to locate the companies that are actively hiring tour guides. In North America alone there are over 600 companies that are currently hiring tour escorts, so finding one is not that difficult. Depending on the lifestyle you want you can also choose between small operations that work locally or large scale companies that send their employees all over the world.
What you want to do is simply use the internet as your guide, search for tour companies online and navigate your way to their careers section. That area will have all the information you need on how to apply, what the job entails and what their requirements are. On top of this be sure to check out job websites such as Monster or even classified sites like

What does it take to be a Bona fide Tour Guide?


There are a number of qualities that tour companies look for when hiring new employees for work abroad opportunities. First and foremost you are going to have to display love for the job. You just cannot fake an interest in travel or an interest in people. You must be outgoing, likeable and be dedicated to what you are going to do, or these companies will not take a second look at you. If you stress to the company that you love people and are dedicated to ensuring they have a good trip, your chances of being hired will double.


Try your best to point out that you have legitimate organizational skills. Point out past experience, whether it was in previous job positions or in school where you lead a group, organized an event, or took part in a committee. Any sort of leadership experience will look excellent on your resume.


Previous travel experience is also an added bonus when applying for these jobs. If you have written articles, studied certain areas in school or traveled to exotic locations, be sure to point it out. The more you know about areas outside of the country, the more inclined the company will be to give you the opportunity to get paid and travel. If you have extensive travel knowledge your resume will be pushed up to the top of the pile.


Be sure to also note any knowledge of a foreign language that you may have. And if you have none, think about taking up some courses or buying some books before applying. Tour companies love to hire guides that can communicate in the local language of the country where they are being sent, and if you are fluent in two or more languages, you will breeze through the application process. Spanish is probably the best place to start, if you haven’t already.


The good news for many is that a college or university degree is not always necessary. While many applicants do have that education, you can convince potential employers to look around it as long as you exhibit intelligence, high energy, independence and a sense of humor in the interview process. Seasonal jobs such as ones that tour parts of Alaska are the most common jobs that are handed out to people with no related education experience.

If at First you don’t Suceed…


If you are not hired when you first apply for this opportunity to get paid and travel, then do not get discouraged. Also do not think that you cannot apply for these positions if you have no previous experience. A number of larger companies will supply full fledged training for new employees with respect to travel information and all kinds of guidelines. If you are not hired at first, then try to gain some experience on your own. Take up part time classes in a foreign language and study up on some exotic locations. Anything that you can do to prove you are committed will go a long way in the hiring process. 

Your Application Checklist


Before you start firing off your resumes to a whole bunch of your companies, be sure to research the company and the specialties they are looking for. Making sure that your interests coincide with the tours they offer will give you a much better chance of landing your dream job abroad.  If you want a career oriented job then apply with a company that offers year round work, and not just seasonal excursions.


If it is a seasonal job that you are after, then you want to search for companies that offer seasonal excursions to places like Alaska and not year round destinations. Also be sure to research application deadlines for companies when you contact them. On top of this, do your best to remain as flexible as possible when it comes to start time, location and even salary. It will take time to get placed in the location of your dreams, but it is an investment worth making.


This get paid to travel opportunity offers a lot of independence and freedom. Thus, you need to be extremely professional when applying and during the interview process. Be sure to note any unsupervised experience that you have to prove that you are independent and capable of working on your own. In many aspects a tour guide job is relatable to a teacher, baby-sitter and a problem solver.


To ensure that your application is reviewed and taken seriously, try your best to apply for specific positions and work your cover letter and resume around it. Make your cover letter stand out so that your application doesn’t just sit on the bottom of the pile and eventually get tossed through the paper shredder.


Contact the company over the phone or in person before submitting an application. Many tour companies will have HR departments that will notify you of which jobs and work opportunities are available and can even give you a heads up on some much needed information.


Research, research and research some more. The more information you know about the area you applying to work in, and the company you work with, the better. If your interview answers are generic and you know very little about the company itself, your application will not be taken seriously.


That is pretty much all you need to know. Determine whether a tour guide job suits your lifestyle, your desires and your qualifications, and then make contact. Spruce up your resume, dust off that old cover letter and get in contact with as many people, companies and agencies as you can. If you get rejected, pick yourself up and try again. Update your qualifications, study a foreign language and just make sure you present yourself better the next time around. There are thousands of available tour guide positions that can make your dream to get paid to travel come to life. Get ready to travel the world, bank money and experience the way of life you have always wanted with a tour guide position.

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