Get Paid to Live on Vacation

Get Paid to Live on Vacation

If you are looking to get paid to travel and live an exciting, rewarding and adventurous lifestyle then one option you definitely want to consider is becoming an overseas diving instructor. Whether you love to dive and have full PADI accreditation or are just getting started, the options are abundant.

In fact as a beginner, getting through the entire diver instructor course can be done rather easily. You can enroll in night classes while you still work your mundane office job. While you are going to have to invest some time and money into the short run in order to get paid to travel, the reward is definitely worth the trouble.

There are literally thousands of countries that offer diving courses and the opportunity to become a full time diving instructor. As mentioned before, you can choose to learn in night classes or you can take off to a tropical paradise, such as the Philippines, and take a one month course. While the second option is obviously more costly, it is the most entertaining and quickest way to work towards a career as a diving instructor.

Once you are accredited to be a diving instructor the options extend even further when it comes to working destinations and places that you can get paid to travel to. You can work in the Caribbean, on islands such as Antigua or St. Kitts. You can get a job abroad near the Red Sea or even next to the Great Barrier Reef. Wherever there is an abundance of water, there are sure to be opportunities for jobs as a diving instructor.

Just imagine the lifestyle that you engage yourself in as a diving instructor. Get paid to see the world, lie on the beach and dive down to the deepest parts of the ocean to see unique sea life that you never imagined. Holidays, honeymoons and vacation packages revolve around scuba diving packages and they can be extremely costly. This could be your opportunity to take part in the adventure without having to spend a dime while actually get paid to travel.

The perks are simply endless but becoming a diving instructor is not another get rich scheme. You have to want the lifestyle more than the cash. With that being said there are still opportunities to bank a lot of coin as a commercial diver. While the life would not be nearly as relaxing, if it is cash you are after, then it could be a great way to save up some money for an investment in your very own dive shop.

Start researching today. Visit PADI’s official site and see where their courses are held, how long it could take you to get accredited and how much it is going to cost in the long run. In just a few short months you could be getting paid to live the same vacation that people slave for years to be able to afford. Become a diving instructor and get paid to travel.

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  1. Jackie Said,

    Are you looking for a diving instructer who is full of personality, bursting with energy and absolutely perfect for this position? I bet you are, and the search ends here- you have found the perfect girl!!
    Drop me an email and hopefully we can get in touch, i would love to hear more details about this incredible opportunity. :)

    Thank you

    Posted on May 15th, 2009 at 5:47 pm

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