Great Stone Moai at Sunset

Great Stone Moai at Sunset

Easter Island is a top island destination as it seems to play on the subconscious. Picturing the ominous and stunning great stone moai brings a sense of creativity and primal urges to our minds. Easter Island is by far one the most isolated areas in the world and is essentially just a small dot dropped into the middle of the great pacific. The area is covered in volcanic ash and lava left behind by three submarine volcanoes. This top island destination is often referred to as the “navel of the earth” by many locals and tourists alike.

The Unrivaled History

The history within the island is unrivaled anywhere else in the world and the mystery behind the great stone moai megaliths has still yet to be uncovered. Sometime within Easter Island’s rich history there were food shortages, cannibalism, deforestation and massive population growth, yet there still is no concrete proof about what exactly went on.

All that is left is the artwork and monuments that were left behind from natives from the past. It is this mystery that constantly draws so many tourists and scientists alike, with each passing day. A trip to Easter Island will force you to ponder exactly what life is, what everything means and the purpose and mindset of humankind on the whole.

Unique and Mind Numbing Attractions

To this day one of the most exciting attractions is Rapa Nui National Park. It is home to this top island destination’s main archaeological sites and is where the replanting of the todomiro forests is taking place. The area offers the perfect opportunities for mountain biking, horseback riding and hiking and even scuba diving as there is a rich ecosystem to be found, even though the mainland has been left in ruins. The visibility in the area can often exceed 100 feet and the water is refreshingly warm hovering around 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

Breathtaking Caves and Cliffs

The island itself is placed right on a volcanic ridge that is often referred to as the “hot line”. It is because of this unique atmosphere that there are so many different species of marine life. While there are no coral reefs to be found, there are a number of different species of coral that can be seen in the region. The lack of a protective coral reef has caused plenty of erosion on the coast which has created stunning, intricate caves and submarine cliffs.

If nothing else Easter Island is a top island destination simply because of how much it will make you think. While the attractions and sight seeing are immaculate and exciting, there is so much more to this historic spot. Simply sitting on the cliff and overlooking the land, or standing underneath one of the 60 foot tall great stone moais will make you question so many things. It will make you realize just how much more the world has to offer and just how important resource management and protecting the environment is for our future.

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