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Photo By tiarescott

Photo By tiarescott

Always dreamed of a little pirate adventure? Want a boat that takes you where you want to go, when you want to go? Do you want to be the captain of your own ship? If you answered yes to any of these questions then Bareboating — renting a yacht, crew optional — is your perfect adventure vacation.


Bareboating yachts are generally found in the 30-60 foot range, and you can find them on certain Caribbean islands, the Mediterranean, and a few other warm-weather vacation spots outside the United States. Your bareboating fee pays for the rent of the boat for a week or three, insurance, and standard boat trappings. Depending on your needs, fuel, food, and a crew cost extra.


A Little Bareboating Preparation Goes a Long Way

Bareboating isn’t for everyone. You should be in reasonably good shape and have at least basic boating skills. Before trusting you with their yacht, a bareboat company will expect you to have shown some navigational ability. You will need to demonstrate that you can dock and anchor a boat as well as handle it under power to one of their company experts. If you can’t do this, most bareboat companies will offer to hire a crew and captain out to you for your bareboat experience who can teach you what you’ll need to know next time, and who will also act as expert guides to help you find the best possible spots for snorkeling, sightseeing, and just hanging out. If, however, you want to show up at your bareboating excursion ready to sail, call your local Coast Guard and ask them about boating classes. Most will be able to help you with the basics, and those who can’t will direct you to others who can.


Connect with People from All Over the World while Bareboating

Bareboating itself is thrilling, but an added bonus is being able to meet the yachting community in the area through which you are sailing. Yachters are a small group, more exclusive than many clubs, and they are often thrilled to meet other boating afficionados, share information, and chat over a glass of wine while watching a scarlet sunset. Not only can you make great friends, you may even be able to make excellent business contacts for after the vacation.


While you can rent bareboat yachts sight-unseen, it’s a bad idea unless you’re going through a travel agency you trust. Without care, you could wind up with a rusted scow with a bad engine and worse sails. Spend a few days in your port selecting just the right boat for you, and familiarize yourself with the ports of call and interesting sights while you’re there. If you aren’t a sailor, you can take a quick sailing course while you’re choosing your boat as well.


A Few Final Words of Advice for Bareboating


When you go on your bareboating excursion, there are a few things to keep in mind. Pack light, and bring some warm clothes as well as slickers. Make sure everyone going with you is as excited as you are, and understands that bareboats mean tight quarters and some fairly hard work. Finally, make sure you get the extra insurance. Even a small accident can add plenty to your bill at the end of the trip.


That said, there are few things as thrilling as sailing the sea by yourself, setting your own schedule, seeing the off-the-beaten-track sights that you’ve always dreamed of. With good planning and a great crew hand-picked from your closest family and friends, a bareboat excursion could be the trip of a lifetime — or the beginning of a whole new lifestyle.

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Gap Year Guide for Employed | Sabbatical Leave Programs

Posted by Drew On September - 11 - 2009
Break Free with a Gap Year. Photo by AbnelPhoto

Break Free with a Gap Year. Photo by AbnelPhoto

It wasn’t long ago that gap years were only seen as a viable tool for fresh faced graduates looking to get a taste of all that the world has to offer. It used to be an opportunity for young adults to breakaway before settling into the 9-to-5 grind but now that opportunity is starting to spread to a much wider range of people.


Wouldn’t it be nice to have that same opportunity now that you have been working in your full time career for years? Well now it is.


An ever-increasing number of “grown-ups” are finding out that they too can get away, jump in on new experiences, embrace new cultures and take a break from their work routine. A gap year is no longer seen only as a chance for young adults to party in Southeast Asia before entering the real world. Now a gap year is also a way to reward yourself for hard work, smart financial decisions and years of slaving for the “man”.


Sabbatical Leave Programs


Sabbatical programs are being more widely offered by companies, and it isn’t just employees such as yourself that are taking notice of the benefits. Employers are discovering they can also gain from allowing their staff to embark on a new journey and do something other than what they are paid to do. After a gap year, most employees return with a new found appreciation for the world and vigor for life. That is, of course, if they do come back. But that is a choice that is totally up to you.


Sounds tempting doesn’t it? While there is a whole host of rewards, benefits and excitement that can come with the chance to take a gap year, there are some issues that you are going to need to tackle head on before embarking on your dreams abroad. Before you jump on the bandwagon and run straight to your boss’ door begging for a sabbatical leave, consider this.


Why do YOU Want Time Off?


Just because your colleague has returned from a self enlightenment journey through India or a year of full moon parties in Thailand, doesn’t mean that it is the best decision for you. The stories are incredible, the sights are splendid and the time off was more than rewarding, but you have to have your own reasons. Consider where you are in life and where you are headed. A sabbatical leave is not something that you should always do on a whim or a decision you should make based on other’s experiences. This is something you have to do for you, and you need to make sure it is the right time.


Generally a gap year will be completely unpaid, unless you can find work abroad. (Which we know is quite possible these days) That is a long time to be without a regular paycheck and to be without the comforts of home and the people you love. While many people ache to get out of their routine, they actually find out later on that that same routine is what keeps them sane. It is easy to lose direction if you haven’t laid down the right itinerary or plan. Sure being spontaneous and whimsical can be magical, but it can also lead to confusion.


On the other hand, for someone who feels stuck in a rut and unmotivated, a sabbatical leave can truly be a lifesaver. You just need to know why it is you want to leave and what you want to do. Your plan doesn’t have to be life changing or groundbreaking, it just needs to have substance. Volunteer in a remote country, sit back somewhere peaceful and finish that novel that has been sitting untouched on your computer, or finally put together the business plan for that venture you have dreamt off for years. Whatever it is that you want to accomplish, no matter how miniscule or farfetched it is, you will find more fulfillment with a plan.


Asking for a Sabbatical for your Gap Year


Of course your decision to take a year off and travel is all about you, but that is the last thing you want to tell your boss. When you request a sabbatical leave make sure that you highlight all the ways that your company and employer will benefit from your decision. Let them know what you hope to gain and how much knowledge you will obtain that you can bring back to the workplace. Also, point out how your leave may give someone underneath you the chance to prove how much they mean to the company when your absence opens the door for opportunity.


If you are leaving your job feeling demoralized and worn down, chances are you are going to return motivated and as a better employee. You may even find that you appreciate the small, mundane tasks related to your employment that you simply cannot stand right now. This is a big step, and it can benefit you both.


Prepare your Life at Home before Jumping Abroad


So now you have set your plan in motion, your employer has granted you a sabbatical leave and you are ready to take off. Slow down for a minute. It’s time to make sure you organize your affairs at home to ensure everything will be just fine when you return.


In terms of your finances it is important to make sure you can access all your funds while you are away. Research which way will be the easiest to access your money while traveling abroad. It is far easier to set up bank accounts, online banking and future transfers while you are at home as opposed to when you are backpacking in the middle of nowhere.


If you own a home or plan to sublet then you may want to look into getting the help of a property management company. If you are going to be spending a significant amount of time away then you want to make sure your home is taken care off. Discuss your intentions with an agent and make sure that you can contact each other should any issues arise. It will give you peace of mind while you are away and ensure you do no return home to a messy situation.


Contact all organizations, pension administrators, the tax office and anyone who you may owe payments to. Set up scheduled transfers to pay bills and let the government know what you are up to. There may be certain special arrangements you need to look into when going away for a year unpaid, and this is something you want to be aware of before you move abroad.


Prepare by researching as much as you can for the country or countries you are visiting. Life is going to be different abroad and culture shock is a very real reaction. Look into a travel insurance policy, accommodations, the healthcare system and necessary visas for destinations you are planning to visit. Keep in mind that most things are quite a bit easier to plan for while you are still at home, rather than encountering them last minute in a foreign country.


Ready for a Gap Year


What’s next? It is time to open your mind and embrace a truly unique experience that could drastically change your life, for the better. Take in new cultures, meet new people, try new activities and foods, and get in touch with yourself.


There is no need to be jealous when you look back on the fact that you never took a year off to travel. The opportunity is there for the taking. Plan ahead, make smart decisions and grasp opportunity. It is never too late to fulfill your dreams.

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Imagine Being Here for Free

Imagine Being Here for Free

Explore the World on the Open Water


Oh the life of a sailor; spinning the wheel, shifting starboard, and enjoying the sound and sights of the ocean with a beer in hand. That is the sight and life that I constantly watched, admired, and craved for growing up studying my grandfather as he would scrub the deck, careen the boat to one side, and holler out a stern warning when the boom came swinging around. There is something inherently special and undeniably spectacular about sailing and the life that comes along with it.

The problem is that a yacht is a luxury that, it seems, only a few can really afford, or at least that is the idea that has been put into all our heads. Sure it would be wonderful to lie on the deck and watch the sunrise while being far from land, but it just isn’t feasible with today’s economy, right? Wrong.  Even if you do not own your own boat, have no real sailing experience, and are short on money, your dreams of watching dolphins swim playfully alongside your vessel may not be as outlandish as you first imagine.

Many adventurous travelers are taking the slower, less traveled, route around the world and hitching rides home on yachts instead of opting for overpriced, highly taxed plane tickets. In fact, more people are getting away with this adventure and traveling the world by yacht every day, and it really is a viable and affordable opportunity. Of course a world plane ticket might be the easiest and most efficient way to see the world, but that was so yesterday. Instead of grabbing a backpack, a pair of comfortable hiking boots and a plane ticket, why not grab some flip flops, sunscreen, a mop and hop aboard a yacht?

Hardly seems believable that you can travel the world by yacht for free. However if you are determined and interested in seeing the world from a yacht then read along and keep these tips in mind. You may just be closer to living out your sailing dream than you ever thought possible.

Travel the Word on a Yacht Tip #1- A Willingness to learn is more important than Experience

Many people scoff at the idea of traveling the world via a yacht because they simply do not have any experience. How can you climb aboard a vessel and help it run its course without knowing what you are doing? The truth is that many skippers are more than willing to teach newcomers the ins and outs of sailing. They love what they do and love to share their passion and pass down knowledge. If you have the right attitude, are willing to learn and down with getting your hands dirty, then there are more than a few captains that will take you on as a crew member. Be committed to learning the basics, be willing to scrub the deck and you will be that much closer to living out your dream.

Travel the World on a Yacht Tip #2- Hard Work Equals Success

When you first picture traveling the world on a yacht you may imagine sitting back with a drink in hand and just coasting along clear blue waters. This may be the idyllic picture and a reality for luxury yacht owners, but isn’t really an option for the rest of us. You are not on a cruise and are not paying top dollar to be chauffeured around, thus you will be expected to help clean, cook, and even fix certain problems while at sea and while docked. It may be a little dirty or tiring, but the experience makes it all worthwhile in the long run.


Enjoy the Calm of Open Water

Enjoy the Calm of Open Water

Travel the World on a Yacht Tip #3-Take Advantage of Hostels

For obvious reasons, hostels are a top choice for people looking to travel on a dime but they offer a lot more than just a cheap place to lay your head. Use the resources in sailing communities and network around at hostels for opportunities and possibly work. You never know what jobs may be advertised on the local notice boards or which opportunities other travelers might be aware of. Get in touch with everyone you can and ask around, chances are that you will bump into someone with a sailing contact that you can get in touch with. 

 Travel the World on a Yacht Tip #4- Make Sailing Clubs your New Hang out Spot

High class yacht clubs usually require that you have an expensive membership before hanging out, however there are more than a few that are more casual and friendly .These local grass roots clubs are the ones most likely to have a plethora of opportunities and friendly skippers willing to hand out free rides, in return for some hard work.

If you really want to get in the know then try poking around at the bar and make nice with the bartender. The bartenders are usually the ones that have all the inside knowledge and a good idea of which skippers might be looking to take on some extra crew for a long trip. In fact bartenders are probably the first people you want to get to know anywhere, let alone just at sailing clubs.

Travel the World on a Yacht Tip #5- Timing, Timing and more Timing

Timing is everything when you are looking to travel on a yacht for free. There are major rallies and races all throughout the year which means that a number of boats set off from different destinations all the time. By finding out when big races and rallies take place, and getting to the right spot on time, you can practically double your chances of finding a spot on board.

For example the Atlantic Rally Challenge takes place in November and involves 250 yachts that set out from mainland Spain or Portugal. The goal is to make it all the way to St. Lucia for Christmas and there are a number of skippers in need of extra crew to make the trip.

The best part is that many of these rallies are based around comradeship and fun so the emphasis isn’t always on speed or doing things the right way. That is what makes joining the crew a rewarding and learning experience, and a great way to get from Europe to the Caribbean for free.


Not Exactly the Lap of Luxury

Not Exactly the Lap of Luxury

Travel the World on a Yacht Tip #6- Yacht Travel doesn’t mean Instant Luxury

If you want to plan a trip on a yacht just because you are intrigued by the luxury, then this probably isn’t the best way for you to go about things. If you are looking for a high class, top notch boat with elegant cuisine and nighttime entertainment, apply for a cruise ship job. If you want to travel on a yacht for the experience, to find a way to travel cheap, and to get in touch with the elements and learn, then this is for you.

A ride on the average sailboat will usually consist of very cramped quarters, basic facilities, and only the necessities. Most nights you may even have to sleep in shifts, while one crew member watches while the other one sleeps. Most boats will have more crew members than beds and you may end up on the floor quite a few nights. But if you are willing to rough it out and try new things, you might learn that a spare sail can make an incredibly comfortable mattress.

Travel the World on a Yacht Tip #7-Leave Luggage at Home

This is a given for most backpackers, but even more of an issue when traveling at sea. You are going to be working with very limited space and no captain is going to look kindly upon you dragging suitcases onto the vessel. When you have been at sea for awhile then you may even want to consider sending home some of the trinkets you acquired along the way in order to lighten the load. Clean underwear, sunscreen, and a bathing suit should be more than enough to get by most of the time.

Travel the World on a Yacht Tip #8-Make Sure this is what you want to do

Traveling for free on a yacht is not for everyone, it is as simple as that. It isn’t as luxurious as it first sounds, it can get cramped and it can get dirty. Some people that have done it cherish the experience and plan to do it over and over again. Others went stir crazy and quit on the trip before it even began. If you are easily bored, get seasick, or are claustrophobic, then maybe this isn’t the right method of travel for you. This is a time in life when you will truly come to understand what it is like to not have anywhere to go, or anything to do. The crew will become your family, and you need to be prepared for that.

If you love the idea of bonding on the open water, dining on canned beans, and getting in touch with isolation, this is the best way to travel. If you see yourself snapping out and contemplating strangling the crew and tossing them overboard, look at other opportunities before embarking on a two week trip from a desolate island.


It's a Dirty Job But Someone Has to Do it

It's a Dirty Job But Someone Has to Do it

Travel the World on a Yacht Tip #9- Don’t Expect to Make Money

Working as a crew member on a yacht is not a get rich scheme. There is a number of high paying and quality jobs for experienced sailors, but chances are you are not one of them. What we are talking about here is basically high end hitchhiking, and no one wants to pay to pick up a hitchhiker.

In terms of the actual financial issues it will all depend on the work you find and the skipper you work with. Some captains will be willing to support you for the duration of the trip in return for a good attitude and hard work. Others will expect you to pitch in towards food and supplies for the crew. Be sure that you discuss these ins and outs with the skipper before jumping onboard. The last thing you need is to be thrown overboard after claiming you left your wallet at home when it comes time to pay for fuel.

Travel the World on a Yacht Tip #10- Keep in Touch with Crew and Captains

Be sure that you collect and keep all the contact information of the people you work with on your first trip. While you may think that traveling around on a yacht is a one time thing, there is a big chance you will get the urge to get back out there and see the world from the water. The next time you are sitting in your cramped cuticle or stuck in your house buried under snow, it will sure be handy to have the information you need to get out. If you do a fantastic job it could even lead to full time, paid work. But that isn’t why you are doing this in the first place is it?

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1Break Free from the Travel Guide


What comes to mind when you think of the word travel, or the word travelers? Do you instantly imagining lying out on a hammock on a pristine beach? Do you imagine sipping expensive wine in Tuscany? Or do you picture a backpack, one pair of clean socks and a camera to be the adventure of a lifetime? There are so many differing opinions and ideas when it comes to travel, and accordingly there are hundreds of preconceptions and quite a few misconceptions as well. Some people think that leaving the comfort of home and going anywhere other than the Caribbean or Western Europe is unsafe. Some people think that backpacking through Asia is only for “hippies” and some people wouldn’t dare to venture to the Middle East. Then again, those are some of the places where travelers from around the world have found themselves and built lasting memories.


When it comes to preconceptions about travel there are quite a few that ring true, but there are also a number that either do not apply now or never did. With that said, let’s tackle a few common travel preconceptions head on and see if we can’t open up our minds just a bit more.


Common Travel Preconception #1- To Get an Authentic Experience you Must Travel Off of the Beaten Path


There are thousands of travel experts and tourists alike that always talk about how Paris is not really France, and how Bangkok is not really Thailand. The preconception is that you have to get into the rural areas and away from the tourist traps in order to have a genuine travel experience. My first reaction to this is why? Yes, there are unique cultures and experiences to be found off the beaten path, and I have even had my most memorable travel memories on the outskirts of town in a local bar or swimming hole. However, even though New York alone does not define the USA, it has just as much to experience and just as much of a unique feel to it as all the rural towns around America. Of course there is a whole lot more to experience in South Korea than what is offered in Seoul, yet a trip to Korea would not be complete without a stay in the capital city.

While it may be harder to find local hotspots and navigate your way to lesser known attractions in big cities, there are still an infinite amount of rocks that are still left unturned. Even the biggest conglomerate chains such as McDonald’s offer a local and unique experience in different countries. Can you get beer on tap at the McDonald’s in your home town?  (Not that I condone getting a Big Mac when in a unique paradise, but to each his own) A beer with a Big Mac does not necessarily equal out to a truly cultural experience but it is an example how even the most seemingly cultureless spots can offer opportunities you cannot find elsewhere.

My Fiancee and I on a "Dreaded" Tour in Thailand

My Fiancee and I on a "Dreaded" Tour in Thailand


Common Travel Preconception #2- It’s Better to Travel Alone than to take a Tour


Now, this is a preconception that many travelers absolutely live by. Many believe that packaged tours take the experience right out of a vacation and force feed you the same cookie cutter attractions over and over again. While this may be true at times, it should be pointed out that there are a number of tours that can give you access to places you didn’t even know exist. Not only are tour guides paid to be informative and helpful, they also have special privileges that the everyday Joe Blow traveler may not have.


To that argument, there are many people that would respond by saying how much you can learn from the locals. Yes there are some excellent spots you can be shown around the world if you get in touch with the locals and the culture, but this is a difficult issue if you are short on time. At times it can take weeks or even months to meet the right people or learn how to navigate the new place you are in. If you have that time congratulations, but if you don’t then you may have to look for other options. This is not to say that all tours are created equal or that packaged, all-inclusive vacations are all the rage. Even I have an instant negative reaction to the thought of guided tours. After time though, even the most seasoned traveler has to admit that it is almost cocky to think that you can easily lead yourself around a whole new country on your own.


Common Travel Preconception #3- Hostels are for Real Travelers. Hotels are for Tourists


Travelers and tourists have been involved in a he said, she said, they do, we do type of argument for as long as I can remember. We will leave that one alone for now, but definitely address this hostel preconception. Sure hostels are perfect for a group of single guys looking to meet up with backpacking girls, or for travelers looking for an all night long party. If that is your thing, then more power to you. Personally I would much rather stay in a low budget hotel for an extra few dollars than come home after a long day to a bunch of lonely planet hugging college graduates looking to find themselves in the bottom of an empty glass.


I would say the main preconception is that hostels are a more cultural experience, and one that can save money. To tell you the truth it has been quite some time since I last stayed in a hostel. Fact is, I am making the same amount of money as I was then.  I just learnt how to cut back on other things or find low budget hotels that offered me hot water and a quiet night. Sometimes you just cannot put a price on a good night’s rest after a long day, especially if it means just an extra $5-$10 a night.


Common Travel Preconception #4- All Travelers have a Deeper Understanding of the World.


For starters, I have learnt more from traveling than I ever did in University or in a full time job. However, in no way do I think I am actually enlightened or that I have anything over anyone else. Yes there is an infinite amount of knowledge and experience that can be gained from travel, but that doesn’t mean that everyone who has traveled is better off. There are many travelers out there who connect with other travelers on the basis that they have so much in common and a deeper understanding of the world.

Truth is that I know a number of brilliant, culturally aware, and “enlightened” people who have never left their hometown. On the other side of the coin I have run into a few arrogant, insensitive, and ignorant people in most of the places I have been to. Traveling doesn’t make you more aware or smarter instantly. It all depends on how you go about traveling and how you look at the new culture and experiences that surround you. It is the person that creates the understanding within them, not the location.

hidden-waterfallCommon Travel Preconception #5- Each Destination has a List of Absolute Must Do’s

The absolute best part of visiting Phuket, Thailand was the run down, lonely bar that my fiancée and I happened to stumble upon one night. The locals there were knowledgeable and entertaining. The bartenders were fun loving, free spirited, and inspiring. I learnt more from the 2 nights spend in that seedy bar than I did touring Monkey Island, James Bond Island, or any of the other must sees in the area.

In no way am I saying that you should travel and avoid all the top attractions. The Chinese New Years firework show in Hong Kong was mesmerizing and James Bond Island was a fabulous experience. I am just saying that sometimes it is better to live your trip on a whim. If you try and jam in the entire list of must see attractions or must do activities then you may miss out on something else. Further still, I see countless travelers and tourists running around during their vacation cramming in as much as possible in order to make sure they check off everything in their Lonely Planet. They get to go home and tell everyone what they saw, but these are the people who need a vacation, after their vacation.

If you find a spot you love, stay there. If you see something that intrigues you but isn’t on your list, go closer. If you don’t have the time to fit in everything, don’t worry about it. There are always plenty of high def videos and pictures online of the greatest attractions in the world. What you won’t find online is those personal experiences that make your vacation unique and eternally memorable.

I will be the first to admit that I am no travel guru. My opinions are not the be all and end all of the equation. If you disagree with me, then be sure to let me know. Admittedly these common travel preconceptions are just the beginning, and heck you may even think they are totally bogus. What preconceptions have you noticed while traveling or after a vacation? If I left something out, feel free to add it. How have your thoughts when it comes to traveling changed over time? I value your opinion as much as I hope you value mine.

It's a Big World, Let's Explore it Together

It's a Big World, Let's Explore it Together

Wet your Travel Appetite with Travel Videos


Here on we obviously talk about different destinations, and what they have to offer in terms of finding a way to get paid to travel as well as living and working abroad. Every bit of advice and piece of information does come with a disclaimer, as you well know.  While each destination around the world has something special, unique, and beautiful to offer, we always advise that you do your own research and even take a mini vacation to countries before packing up your life and moving abroad.


To be truthful, we feel a little bit of remorse. We tell you to do research and investigate each destination but have really neglected to point you in the right direction. We have suggested as a way to save money on airfare, but maybe you do not have the money or time to travel to a certain location and investigate it on your own. That is precisely why we want to point you to has been labeled as the premier travel video site on the net today. It contains over 9,000 FREE travel videos for communities, countries, and islands all over the world. While it may not offer you the same insight as actually journeying somewhere on your own, the videos can give you an inside look at the culture and lifestyle you will encounter when moving abroad.  From waterfalls in Jarabacoa to shopping in Hong Kong to festivals in Thailand, you can view videos on almost every experience that you may encounter when traveling.


Wade in the Water Before Diving in Head First

Wade in the Water Before Diving in Head First

The videos can give you incredible insight on which areas to avoid when moving offshore and which can offer you the laid back lifestyle you want. You may end up avoiding places like Rio after watching videos of the slums and the violence, or you may decide that the Cook Islands offer that idyllic life you seek after watching a five minute tour.


And the best part, as mentioned, is that the site is completely free. Travelers are willing to share, explore, and experiment in order to make traveling easier for everyone else. What is better than free, first hand information? As we always discuss, we travelers are all in this together.  This site is a great way to connect, share, and explore without even leaving the comfort of your home. You no longer have to jump head first into a vacation or a big move abroad. Dip your toes into the water one bit at a time with

Imagine Waking Up To This Every Day

Imagine Waking Up To This Every Day

Move, Live and Work Abroad in Hawaii

When you think of Hawaii it can be impossible not to smile. Grass skirts, leis, pristine beaches, erupting volcanoes, and sparkling water are more than enough to make it the perfect vacation spot. But what if you could make that vacation lifestyle a part of your daily routine? Sounds like a pipedream but it doesn’t necessarily have to be, if you have the money or can land the perfect job.

Making the decision to move abroad is intimidating. Although there are many benefits to living offshore and packing up your life, there is a lot of work, stress, and problems that you are sure to encounter. Some people may love the idea of packing it all in, escaping the rat race, and moving to some far off destination. Others may be nervous about the thought of getting used to a whole new culture and moving far away from home. That is where Hawaii comes into the equation. Hawaii is the perfect opportunity to move abroad yet still enjoy the comforts of home and be reasonably close to your family and former home. If you are American you don’t even need to get a passport in order to enjoy beach living and escape your boring desk job. Truth be told money is going to be one of the most important underlying factors, along with preparation and proper research.

The Hawaiian Islands are one of the top destinations for people looking of spending their retirement in close serenity of oceans with a backdrop of beautiful mountains and an awesome tropical climate. Hawaii has a place among the top tourist spots in the world and many people from America, Canada, the UK and Australia, consider moving to Hawaii permanently to work and live in paradise.

One option for anyone who is looking to move to Hawaii is to move their own business to Hawaii or consider creating one. This offers the freedom that you are looking for but entails quite a bit of work. No matter which route you choose to take, before taking the plunge and moving to Hawaii permanently, there are many things that you need to consider.

Essential Things to Consider before Moving to Hawaii

– Mode of Moving: Since Hawaii is an island, most of your personal belongings will have to be shipped. Shipping of goods will definitely cost a lot, so you need to choose wisely when deciding which things you want to bring with you. There are very few modern conveniences that you will not be able to find in Hawaii so it may be best to pack light, cut ties with some of your possessions and start over.

Find a Place to Live: You ought to look for a suitable place to live in Hawaii. There are many available and comfortable accommodations but you do not want to leave it until the last minute. You will be far better off if you arrange for a place to stay before you embark on your journey. Flip through real estate sites online and peruse Craigslist and sites like to see what you can find. Having a place to call home right after you get off the plane while make it a lot easier to settle into your new surroundings.

Find a Job/ Start a Business: If you are planning to start a business in Hawaii then there is no better option than the hospitality and travel industry, but keep in mind that the competition is often too hard to compete with. However, there are many jobs available in the industry that can ensure you have a steady income in order to afford the life you want.

Moving to Hawaii isn’t All about Saving Money

It is important to keep in mind that moving to Hawaii is not necessarily a cost cutting move, or a way to escape the recession. Most of the jobs available in Hawaii are low paying ones. There are very few engineering, IT, Pharmaceutical, and other types of jobs available. Since the island’s economy is mainly dependent upon the large number of tourists it receives every year, the majority of the households use the hospitality industry as their source of income.

Jobs in the Retail and Sales industry do fetch an annual package of around $42,000 USD. Some engineering and marine engineering firms are also located on the island and offer reasonable salaries that come in at around $45,000 USD annually. If you are looking at moving abroad in order to live cheaper, then you need to be willing to enjoy the island lifestyle and cut down on some of the luxuries that you may be used to.

If You Have The Cash This Could Be Your Life

If You Have The Cash This Could Be Your Life

Cost of Living in Hawaii

Hawaii is one of the most expensive places to settle down. When considering moving and living to any destination the cost of housing is one of the biggest factors. In this case Hawaiian real estate prices tend to be quite inflated. You are going to need to put down quite a bit of money in order to secure a house or find a suitable apartment for rent. Of course there are some hidden gems to be found and options if you are willing to live in a place that has nothing more than the necessities. Overall, the cost of housing is about 63% higher than the national average. The cost of renting a studio apartment will be anywhere between $800 and $1,200 depending upon the location. If you are looking to rent a 2-bedroom apartment than you will have to shell out up to $1,600 per month.

The cost of food and groceries in the area is also quite high in comparison to other destinations and different parts of the USA. Utility prices can also be quite intimidating. Even for dining out your budget must be relatively high. The gas for your car, internet, satellite television, water bills, electricity bills, telephone, and medical bills are substantially high. Property tax, insurance, and other necessities will also be an extra burden. Simply because Hawaii is an island it means that most everything is imported and the transportation and taxes obviously raise the overall cost of living.

According to a recent survey done by an agency, a retired couple needs about $3,000 USD per month to live peacefully in Hawaii. A working couple should be willing and able to live on a budget of $4,000 USD or more per month depending upon which luxuries they wish to enjoy.

Living in Hawaii is a definite possibility but many opt for cheaper destinations when living abroad. However, Hawaii can make a perfect short term home for a few months, or even up to a year. If money is not an issue then the island does offer the perfect lifestyle than many people fantasize about when dreaming of living offshore. In the end, if you are looking to avoid the recession, bank money, or live comfortably on a dime, this is probably not your best option.  This doesn’t mean that the dream has to be over though. There are thousands of opportunities to become an entrepreneur or make money online, you just have to be willing to put in the work that is needed to gain success.

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