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The Perfect Combination of Island Living and the Comforts of Home

The Perfect Combination of Island Living and the Comforts of Home

Widely considered one of the most beautiful islands in the world, Puerto Rico is a great vacation destination for both the individual and family traveler. Located in the North Eastern Caribbean, the commonwealth boasts a vibrant culture, and no shortage of things to do for tourists, as the country has an eclectic mix of both Anglo and Spanish elements to its lifestyle. Commonly known as the island of enchantment, more than a million people live in the metropolitan area of San Juan, with another 3 million people make their homes in the suburbs.

What to do Once you Get There

Once you land on the island at the Luis Munoz Marin International Airport (ranked #34 among all airports in the United States) there are plenty of beautiful resorts that will offer you a relaxing getaway. If you book well in advance, accommodations for a couple and 2 kids ( Although it is not recommended for younger kids to stay at this hotel as the amenities are largely for those above the age of 16) to stay at the Hotel El Convento for a week will cost you under $2000 US, pretty good for a 4 diamond resort!

Speaking of amenities, the El Convento includes a daily manager’s reception of wine, cheese and hors d’oeuvres. Not to mention that the plunge pool and Jacuzzi offer amazing views of San Juan Bay. Once you’re done taking a dip there are 4 great restaurants to check out that offer tapas, Italian and Puerto Rican inspired cuisine.

Splendid Beaches and a Bundle of Activities

If a day at the beach is more your style, and who would visit Puerto Rico without wanting to burytheir feet in the sand?, you could sign up for the El Convento Beach Club, which allows you to check out the company’ssister resort in the Candado region of San Juan while still enjoying the same amenities you signed up for at El Convento.

In Need of Something More Affordable?

If a 4 diamond resort is out of your price range or just really not your cup of tea, Puerto Rico includes all of the major hotel carriers well established in North America, including the Holiday Inn, Howard Johnson, Hilton, Marriott, Renaissance and Sheraton.
While enjoying your stay on the island, the majority of resorts in Puerto Rico will offer you access to beaches, scuba diving, a golf course, spa, casinos and pools/hot tubs. However, price ranges and packages offering these activities do vary between resorts, so make sure you do some good research before you commit to something.

Unique Excursions and the Perfect Itinerary

If you prefer to book your own excursions outside of enjoying traditional resort amenities, a scuba diving experience for you and two of your friends can be found for only $150 US. If aquatic adventures aren’t your style, you can go zip-lining in the rain forest for less than $150 per person, or treat yourself to a nice individual massage by the beach for just a third of that cost.
All in all if you’re looking for a vacation destination, or a place to call home, that’s full of white sand beaches, tropically inspired meals for your taste buds, and no shortage of sites to see and activities to explore, Puerto Rico is definitely the place to be. The best part for many expatriates looking to escape routine and move abroad is how easy it is to get there, the abundance of employment opportunities and the ease of the entire Visa process on the whole. While most Caribbean destinations demand that US citizens have passports to enter, Puerto Rico does not and is an open gate to freedom for many people. Essentially it is the perfect mix of exotic destination and comfortable home that will allow you to ease into the process of living offshore and settling into something that is just a little out of the ordinary.

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