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Beaches and Mountains and Waterfalls...OH MY!

Beaches and Mountains and Waterfalls...OH MY!

Living under the shadows of its enormous neighbor Australia, New Zealand is often neglected and hidden in many ways when people consider their possible travel destination choices. While it is not considered a top spot for work abroad, there are more than enough opportunities for those willing to make the effort and relocate. The country offers an experience of its own that you simply cannot find anywhere else in the world. With the lush, rolling meadows, infinite stretches of pristine beaches and churning geysers, there is an endless amount of natural and geographical attractions that will leave you inspired and have you constantly picking your jaw up off the floor. If you are lucky enough to get your hands on a working visa, New Zealand offers a lot more than just a tropical vacation, it is a lifestyle in and of itself. Whether you want to invest a week, a month, or a year of your time in this country is a choice you will have to make. The problem is that once you step off the plane, you may never want to leave.

So Much to Do, So Little Time

Essentially the geography of New Zealand is separated into two major islands. Depending on what sort of vacation, living arrangements or activities you want to partake in, each island has something quite different to offer. The South Island is well known for the memories and landscapes that have been left behind by the Ice Age. From the Fox Glaciers to the mountains where “The Chronicles of Narnia” were filmed, there are sights, sounds and beauty to take in everywhere that will entrench your soul. Many adventure seekers choose to visit the Otago Peninsula which is known for having a number of cozy bed and breakfasts that allow you to interact with penguins, sea elephants and a whole host of other animals.

Tropical Beaches and Extreme Activities

On the North Island you will find the weather to be much warmer and far more tropical. There are more lakes and beaches and you will definitely want to stop in and see the super-volcano near Lake Taupo. There is an inherent love for extreme sports such as bungy jumping and cliff diving all across New Zealand and there are a plethora of such activities no matter where you go. On the west coast of the country you will come face to face with the popularity of cave rafting. Even if you are a beginner, it is an experience that you do not want to miss out on.

However, if your heart can’t take it you can always opt for the perfect, relaxing day on the beach at Ninety Mile Beach. Unlike other attractions, the name of this beach is completely truthful and the long stretch of sandy beaches is sure to please even the pickiest beach lover you know. On the east side of New Zealand, it goes without saying that a visit to the Great Barrier Island is a must. Whether you are a beginner scuba diver or a crafty veteran, you will see and interact with wildlife and enjoy an underwater experience you only thought possible in your dreams.

The Gateway to your Dreams

New Zealand is the perfect gateway to wildlife, nature, beaches and culture all in one dazzling destination. If you are a year round beach lover, then it could be the perfect place to call home. Opportunity is also abundant, if you do your research and get in touch with the right people, in your quest for to travel and work abroad. The recent growth of the population and the jump in tourism has opened the doors for many foreign workers, and it is a chance that not many would regret jumping at. The youthful vivacity of the main cities, the invigorating spirit and culture, the relaxed lifestyle and the natural beauty make New Zealand a place you simply must experience. As with all work and travel destinations, it is a good idea to vacation and check out the location first. One thing is for certain though, if you do not fall in love with New Zealand, you will be one of the few.

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