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Paradise Without Breaking the Bank

ecuador11Ecuador is one of the most beautiful and exciting countries in the world today. Though its diversity and beauty hasn’t been unleashed yet, but it is rapidly becoming one of the favorite holiday destinations across the globe. Geographically located in the Andes Mountains, it supports some of the most exquisite plants and animals. With its large variety of landscapes, it’s a must visit for every nature lover.
From ancient cities to one of the thickest forests in the world, the country has a whole lot of variety for you to discover. Tired of the hectic city life? With one of the lowest population densities in the world (approximately 50people/ sq km), Ecuador assures a calm, peaceful and pollution-free stay.
Talking about the people, most of them are friendly, God-fearing people who will treat you with a lot of respect as a visitor and feel honored to help you. Previously being a Spanish colony, Spanish is still the local language. Even if you are an English speaker, you would be able to blend in pretty easily as it is understood by a large population.
A Luxurious Lifestyle on an Affordable Budget
Thinking about permanently moving to Ecuador? Hold onto that thought, because it is a good one. It is one of the most affordable countries in the world with great work and business opportunities, making it a perfect retirement destination, or a place to strive earlier on in life. With no restrictions on foreign-based businesses and a really relaxed law system, you get to keep 100% of your profits and pay very nominal taxes. And if you are under the impression that the living standards are not as high as you are accustomed to, then you might not know Ecuador yet.
ecuador31In all the major cities like Quito, Guayaquil, and Cuenca, you will find many of the familiar brands, cars zooming around in busy streets, and people using cell phones and internet as commonly as other necessities of life. You have world class restaurants and hotels, excellent medical care, and all other luxuries that you need to live life comfortably at very cheap prices. In fact, you can live a comfortable and satisfying life on less than 20,000$ a year.
Finding Work in Ecuador
Finding work in Ecuador for a foreigner is easy. With a flourishing tourism industry, jobs are generally available from May to September when tourism is at its hike. Getting into the hospitality industry is generally advised for someone multi-lingual. Setting up your own tourism related business can pay off really well too. Hotels, bars and tourist guides do a lot of business in the peak months.  However, as with any position you apply for, having at least a base knowledge of Spanish will go a long way to easing your transition and making life more comfortable in your new home.
ecuador-2Teaching is also a feasible and rather popular occupation among foreigners. There are many schools, institutes and colleges that offer English classes and teachers are usually in demand. Teaching can usually earn you 5-8$ an hour as a starter which is likely to increase with position. While that sounds mediocre at best and is poor when compared to other destinations, it is important to note that you can stretch your dollar quite far in Ecuador. Ecuador also hires English speakers in all major export related jobs as the USA is the major trading partner of the country.
Ecuador is a country in which you can live on an extremely small income. This is why it is becoming such a popular live abroad destination for people who work from home or make money online. You do not need to be an internet mogul or a dot come millionaire to settle into a comfortable and successful lifestyle. You can find a luxurious colonial home for around 25,000$ or rent a home for about 100$ a month depending on what you are looking for.
Ecuador offers a peaceful life at an affordable price with natural beauty all around and lots of adventurous activities to do. Can life be any better??

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A Tide Pool in Galapagos

A Tide Pool in Galapagos

The Galapagos Islands do not offer the same vacation that so many other top island destinations do, but that is why it is so loved. Once you visit this magical place you will understand where the old adage, “Great things come in small packages” comes from. Essentially the Galapagos are just a tiny cluster of volcanic islands that is placed just beside the equator. For centuries it has captured the attention of scientists, tourists and even science fiction fans. In many ways this area was instrumental to the creation of Darwin’s Theory of Evolution and has become a playground for some of the earth’s most unique creatures.

There is no shortage of adventures and activities that you can partake in while visiting the Galapagos Islands. You can swim with the only penguins that are found living near the equator in the world or even take a hike alongside some of the largest tortoises on earth. If you are a bird lover you can take a tour and try to spot the majestic Waved Albatross or the Flightless Cormorant, which is in fact the only bird in the world that cannot fly. If you love to swim then you even scuba dive with dolphins, whales and gigantic sea lions. The Galapagos Islands are truly a nature lover’s paradise and offer some of the most unique experiences in the world.

The Unique Geography

The area itself is made up of 19 different sized islands and islets that offer people like you the best chance to see nature and wildlife at their very best. There are no real natural predators in the area so the abundance of wildlife is allowed to roam free and without fear of human interaction. Galapagos is often described as the “Laboratory of Evolution” and is now over five million years old, which makes it quite young in comparison with the rest of Earth. This World Heritage Site is actually an official national park and a province of Ecuador. All of the reptiles here are endemic to the region and close to 25 percent of the fish and birds that you will find there are as well.

Break Out of the Vacation Mold

Galapagos is not a top island destination due to a large number of touristy attractions by any means. This is not your typical holiday with conglomerate hotels or fine dining restaurants, but there is still an abundance of activities to engage yourself in. Whether you are a novice scuba diver or an expert, if you love diving the Galapagos Islands are where you need to head.

You can venture out into the water and swim alongside eels, penguins, manta rays, whales, exotic fish and even Hammerhead sharks. Fishing has been temporarily banned in the area which has ensured the marine life are less edgy and thus, you have a much better chance of getting up close and personal.

Activities and Sight Seeing on Land

That is not to say that there is nothing to do for land lovers on this top island destination. You can trek along the islands and walk along some of the best hiking trails in the world such as the Isla Santa Cruz. You never know which animals you may come across or even which new creature you may discover, just by taking a simple stroll along the coast of one of these magical islands. While swimming or surfing activities are hard to come by on this top island destination, you are sure to be infinitely busy with everyone else that you may not even miss it.

If you are looking for a truly unique island destination then you need not look further than the Galapagos Islands. You can see nature at its best and interact with some of the most mysterious yet awe inspiring creatures that can be found anywhere in the world. Whether you love to walk, scuba dive or take a boat cruise, the Galapagos can offer you a new experience with each passing minute.

Galapagos Guide Books

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You have stumbled upon this site for one reason. You love the beach, you love traveling and you want to get away. The hard part is ecuadorthat you are probably unaware of the abundance of options you have when it comes to escaping abroad, living abroad or even working abroad. If you truly want to put your beach life together then you need to become aware of some of the dreamy options that are readily available to you.

When it comes to beach houses it can be impossible to find a house for purchase or rent that is within your budget. Take major beach cities like Miami or pretty much anywhere in California for example, your options are quite limited and the price tag is immense. If you really want to escape then you have to learn to take advantage of the cultures and destinations that may not have the same priorities; case and point, Ecuador.

Real estate on prime beach locations with North America is simply overpriced and unaffordable; however your dreams are closer than you think. A number of countries and cultures do not possess the same values that we do. For example, in Ecuador the native population has no real desire to live near or on the beach. They consider a trip to the beach to be a nice luxury once or twice a year. Thus, a property within the city or village is priced dramatically higher than a tiny, gorgeous little hut overlooking the crystal blue waters of the ocean. You can often find the perfect little beach house for you and your loved one, or the whole family for under $40,000 USD.

While it may be tougher to find a high paying or lucrative working contract in the country, the point is that you really don’t have to. You may think your only hope of living on the beach is working abroad or saving for years for your retirement. In order to live on the water in Miami or even Costa Rica you will likely have to save for decades to come up with the down payment alone. Such is not the case in Ecuador. Get out there, do your research and you will quickly learn that a quiet, beach side, laid back lifestyle is not as far out of reach as you think.

Lay low for a few years, save some money and you may even have the opportunity to purchase the beach house of your dreams outright. No mortgage and no hassle. All you need to worry about is closing the blinds so that you the gorgeous reflection of the sun of the crystal blue water does not wake you up. So stop sitting back and day dreaming about that life you always wanted. It is not as unattainable as it seems. Take a look into real estate, travel and immigration in Ecuador. You may just be pleasantly surprised at what you find.