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czech1Open your Eyes and your Mind to the Czech Republic

If you are the kind of person who is outright fascinated by the glory of castles and tales of quaint villages. and if history intrigues something within you that is unexplainable, then you will surely relish a trip to the Czech Republic. If you have ever been wrapped up in a medieval fairytale or entwined within a movie set amongst beautiful old school architecture and castles, then you already understand a part of the feeling you will get by living in the Czech Republic.

While the Czech Republic does not always seem to be one of the most popular destinations for a vacation, it is quickly becoming recognized as a magical place to visit and an inspiring place to move to. Arguably the most enticing part about the Czech Republic is that the entertainment runs all year round and there is no time of the year that is worse than any other. If you live here all year round there are events, festivities, and a vibrant atmosphere during every season for you to enjoy. If you are simply looking to visit then you can take advantage of the exciting atmosphere all year and just book whenever you can get the time off of work, or find the best deals. It truly is as vibrant during Christmas as it is in the spring for travelers and expats of all ages.
Geography and Climate in the Czech Republic
Czech Republic is a country landlocked between Germany, Poland, Austria, and Slovakia in Europe. Its capital Prague is also the largest city in the Czech Republic. It has a temperate continental climate, to the likings of many of the citizens and mostly all of the tourists who visit. Summers are relatively hot and the winters are colder, leading to a considerable difference in the temperature during the two seasons. Sans the urban effect in Prague the climate is just the same as everywhere else, with just a few minor and almost unnoticeable differences. While some people choose to move and live on islands where the weather is always hot and sunny, the contrast in seasons is something that many expatriates tend to miss. That isn’t an issue in the Czech Republic and the contrast in weather just adds to the unique atmosphere and sights.
czech2Lifestyle and Demographics of the Czech Republic
The population of the country is estimated to be 10,476,543. Besides the locals, the population is a blend of Ukrainians, Slovaks, Vietnamese, Russian, Polish, German, Mongolian, Chinese, Dutch and Americans .There is definitely a wide range of citizens within the country and a number of languages that are spoken. If you stick to main cities and touristy areas then you should have no trouble getting around by just speaking English.
One sort of staggering figure when it comes to the culture in the Czech Republic is that there seems to be very little faith in god prevalent among the citizens.  More than 60% of the total population is atheist. In terms of the logistics and government the nation is run under a pluralist, multiparty, parliamentary, representative democracy. The prime minister is the head of the government and the official language is unsurprisingly Czech.
The economy of the Czech Republic is definitely heading in the right direction, which is more than a lot of countries can say at the moment. The nation possesses a GDP per capita of 80% of the European Union average. Another factor that attracts a number of foreign workers is the comparably low crime rate and the safety that is prevalent in the country. A lot of people do not always expect to hear that a country such as the Czech Republic is a safe place, but it really is one of the safest.
Tourism in the Czech Republic
Tourism is one of the most flourishing industries within the Czech Republic. It not only forms a significant part of the national income but also provides employment to a great number of people. As mentioned, if you are the kind of person that is fascinated by stories and historic tales, you are going to fall in love with this place. The country boasts an incredibly amount of history, culture, and stories and also utilizes the great art of puppetry and marionettes, which further facilitates tourism to flourish. For beer lovers this is the home and starting point for some of the most popular beers in the world. The city of Plzen and the Budweis town are the original sources of beers like Pilsener and Budweiser. In terms of cuisine, connoisseurs of meat swarm to the Czech Republic every year to dine on a variety of unique and succulent dishes that tend to be served on every street corner. The two most popular sports within the country are by far soccer and ice hockey, and many Czech citizens live and breathe both.
czech-3The 12 UNESCO sites within the country, a very rare situation, are some of the leading tourist attractions in the Czech Republic. This is not to say that the UNESCO sites are the main focal point, as there is an ample amount of things to see and do in the country. Prague, the capital city, is one of the most versatile cities of the world. Then there are an infinite number of museums, tourist galleries, and a lot of scenic beauty. Besides that, the Czech country side flaunts a number of hot spots to holiday, cycle, hike, and travel by water. Ski resorts and golf courses are also worth a mention and Czech spas are becoming known as some of the top high class and soothing places to be within Europe.
Work and Travel in Czech Republic
Ruzyne international airport is the main airport in the country and is served by a number of airlines. It is also one of the busiest airports in all of Europe. The Czech Republic has a total of 46 airports, 6 out of which happen to be international. The country also has a huge rail network that has been put together to become the fifth largest railway cargo operator in European Union.
The country has developed a very high income economy which may come as a surprise to many that are just beginning to read up about it. The Czech Republic has undergone a growth of over 6% over the last three years. There is a great deal of foreign investment taking place and the domestic industry is reviving. There are a number of jobs in the Czech Republic for expats that can be found in industries such as tourism, breweries , the hospitality sector, and banks and telecommunications. A lot of focus is put on banks and telecommunications when people discuss moving to the Czech Republic because both of the industries are privatized, which opens the doors for foreigners for a number of reasons.

Cost of Living in Czech Republic

Owing to the recent rise in inflation, the cost of living altogether has risen in the Czech Republic and there are only a few sectors, like transport, where prices are still stable.  Accommodation costs have also been on the rise as of late. However, the cost of living in the Czech Republic will have a lot to do with one’s bargaining skills. Bartering, networking, and trading are the most common ways for people to find apartments or even purchase groceries. It is also true that the tag price is often never what the goods will actually sell for, and you need to keep that in mind if you want to save money abroad. Prague still is cheaper than many other European cities which is always a bonus. On top of that, Europeans and Americans may find the country to be a relatively cheap place to retire seeing as the Czech currency falls quite flat when put up against the US dollar and the Euro.

Catering to your Desired Lifestyle

When it comes down to it the Czech Republic is quite capable of catering to many of the expat requirements. There are in fact a number of opportunities for employment, ways to save money and even a great deal of comforts and conveniences that you are surely used to. This is a country that does not always make the list as one of the top move abroad destinations, but tends to sway peoples minds after they visit for a short vacation. There are thousands of expats and tourists that simply chose to visit the Czech Republic by chance and ended up falling in love with the people, the cuisine, and the culture. These people often come back every year on vacation or have set up homes in the area or even found jobs so that they never had to leave. You could be one of those people if you feel that this country offers exactly what you are looking for. Even if you are not ready for the commitment to move abroad and just want to get away you are sure to be pleasantly pleased with this relatively affordable destination. It truly does offer a lot of fun and opportunities for relaxation and comfortable living.

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