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Nature, Beauty and Opportunity in One Dazzling Destination

Nature, Beauty and Opportunity in One Dazzling Destination

If you are fed up with the monotonous work schedules of your life or if you are looking to step on the stairs of prosperity and progress, then there is no reason as to why you should not consider Costa Rica as your next destination; not only for a visit but for a permanent migration. Costa Rica, the country located in Central America is a nice place to settle in. Costa Rica is a country that boasts a literacy rate of over 95% literacy rate and the country’s economy, after a slow growth in the recent past, has been able to catch up to a good pace which has provided plenty of opportunities for trade and business. However, take the fact that Costa Rica is no exception to the current global recession with a grain of salt.

Throughout its history Costa Rica has witnessed a lot of foreigners who not only migrated to the country but also became elite members of the society. However there have also been cases where the foreigners have encountered conditions that are miserable for them. Thus a prudent person can find the country to be filled with opportunity and bask in the impressive culture, on the other hand a negligent one can encounter some of the toughest times of their life.
From a school student to a retired person, Costa Rica offers flourishing lives for all. The growing economy of the Republic of Costa Rica provides a great platform for people from every sector. The government offers various tax exemptions for those who look to invest in the country. The property and investment taxes are less than others when compared to that of other parts of America. However to get into a business here is not everybody’s cup of tea. Numerous leading Global Corporations such as Intel, P&G and GlaxoSmithKline carry out the production in this country. These account for a major share of the country’s export ratio on the whole. The government inviting initiatives of tax exemptions have attracted major companies such as these to establish their production centers in the country. Essentially this provides people, such as yourself, who are looking to move abroad with some excellent opportunities for employment as well.
Costa Rica is a paradise for those who are retired and looking for a calm and pleasant life. However a lot of people look to Costa Rica and come up with false expectations as they are looking to earn side income. A large number of the people that relocate to Costa Rica are the ones who already have fixed incomes and do not work. Business can make your life complicated. However Costa Rica provides you numerous opportunities to pursue your hobbies, and if you already have steady income then it can provide the perfect, relaxing and luxurious lifestyle that you are after.
Costa Rica is a country whose culture is rich with versatile traditions and is very interesting. If you are a South American, you will find a lot of parts to be in common with your own culture. With that said there are also many westernized areas and simple comforts that can make expatriates from all over the world feel comfortable. You will not find it difficult to adapt according to the local culture. There are also numerous tourist sites to visit in the country that will keep you entertained and in awe of the attractions that surround you. The Country boasts the Poas Volcano crater and Cocos Island which are some of the main tourist attraction points. The Coos islands are a world heritage site.

The country has some dazzling sites that can help you relax, get in touch with yourself and nature and also allow you to remove the monotony that has been generated out of your daily routine.Thus, the bottom line is that Costa Rica offers you a great residing and working place. A little caution is all you need to make the most of the place and lead a happy and prosperous life. Prepare yourself, educate yourself and dedicate yourself to a happy, relaxed and entertaining life abroad. The perfect life in Costa Rica will not come easy, but in time and with enough work you could be living in the lap of luxury in the middle of a tropical paradise filled with beauty and covered with rainforests.

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If it is living and working in paradise that you are after, then Costa Rica is where you need to be. From tropical weather to lush rainforests to unique adventures this tropical paradise has it all. If you are or have ever dreamt of living in splendor, this is your opportunity. And it is an opportunity that is more attainable than you may first imagine. Here are a few quick tips for you on how to get a job in Costa Rica so that you can live and work abroad.

Finding Work in Costa Rica

To be truthful finding a job in Costa Rica can prove to be a little tricky at first. Thankfully there are a number of recruiters and job forums that can help you get in touch with the right people. The standard in the country is that every job in which a native can do, natives will be hired first. Your job is to find those positions which are not easily filled by native Costa Ricans. The most common of these are English teaching jobs, jobs as English tour guides and jobs within the environmental sector. On top of these opportunities for working abroad in Costa Rica you may also want to consider starting up your own business. Becoming self employed not only allows you more opportunity for freedom and travel, but also comes with less restrictions.

Work Permits

In order to live abroad in Costa Rica you are going to have to either apply for a work permit through your employer or apply for residency if you have chosen the self-employed route. If you obtain a job with a large company most of the work will be done for you, no hassle on your end. On the other hand, smaller companies often refuse to hire people without a work permit as the paperwork can take months to complete.

Available Opportunities

Your best bet of landing a decent salary job is to become fluent in Spanish as well as English. If you are bilingual in such a way, then it can be quite easy to land a job as a tour guide, an English teacher or within a tourist resort. Keep in mind that you are not going to be paid the same as you would in your country. In fact the salary is often far below average but in turn, so are the living costs. A big job with a large firm can usually net you around $2,000 USD a month while a teaching job will a small company will net you around $500 USD a month.

Self-Employment in Costa Rica

The best way to make enough money to get by on and get confirmed entry into Costa Rica is to start your own business. This gives you the freedom that you originally sought after by moving abroad. There is also greater chance of financial success but it also comes with a bit more risk. The best opportunities are within the travel and tourism industry but you are going to want to make sure you have the appropriate funding before starting your venture. Bank loans are much harder to obtain in Costa Rica. Lastly it is a definite bonus if you can study and become fluent in Spanish as it will make it a lot easier to interact within your community and with clients.

Find a Job in Costa Rica

If you are serious about getting away and traveling to one of the most beautiful countries in the world, then there are a few companies and job brokers that can help you obtain a job. There are large employers such as Intel and Motorola that are constantly looking for new employees and you can even find jobs on search engines and other job websites.

Costa Rica is not the answer if you are looking to make big money fast. Sure there is a chance that you will start your own business and it will take off, but if you are focused on major income there are probably better options. However, when it comes to quality of life and living in paradise, there are not many places that can top this fabulous destination. If you always catch yourself dreaming of hiking through acres of rainforest or sipping Margaritas on the beach, Costa Rica is the place for you.