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There are a variety of reasons that may explain why you are looking to move abroad, especially when it comes to living in Australia. Maybe you just graduated from school and are looking for a place to kick start your life. Maybe you were just caught in the whirlwind that is downsizing, or maybe you are just looking for something new in order to add a little excitement to your life. Whatever the reason is that has caused you to search for answers and possibly live abroad, there is one destination that you simply must consider, Australia. If you even have to ask why then you are already out of the loop and are falling behind in realizing just how much this unique, thrilling, and comfortable country has to offer.

Whether you are looking for a short term getaway, a place to call home for one year, or a place to settle into forever, there are many reasons why Australia is such a magnificent destination for relocation. Let us take a look at exactly why you might love to work and live in Australia, and why so many other people have already grasped the opportunity.

1-    Australia’s economy is prosperous and westernized with a GDP of about US$32,000 per capita, which is actually higher than the UK.

2-    Even though Australia has a very strong economy, there is a large shortage when it comes to skilled workers. There are plenty of job opportunities for tradespeople and thus, a chance to enjoy the laid back lifestyle that Australia boasts while working. On top of this, pay rates for skilled tradesmen are quite high in the country and there is opportunity to make upwards of AU$1,000 a day.

3-    The de-regulated economy provides more than enough opportunity for investment, and investors benefit from all sorts of tax relief and bonuses.

4-    Australian housing is extremely affordable and there is quite a lot of government money put into hospitals, schools and other public expenditures which keeps the living conditions very high.

5-    There is a never ending abundance of things to do and see in Australia. From the beaches to the Outback to the Great Barrier Reef and everything in between, travelers and citizens alike never get bored, yet still enjoy the laid back lifestyle that the country is world famous for.

Simply put, Australia is a land of opportunity and splendor as it boasts an incredible array of history and a fascinating culture. Even if you choose not to move there as your full time destination, it is a place that you will regret not visiting. Be weary though that a week or two’s vacation to this hot spot will never be enough time to take in everything it has to offer. Whether you want to travel, explore, surf, hike or even sit back and relax in a local pub and enjoy a Foster’s, there isn’t much about Australia that you won’t fall in love with

So how can I get there? Australian Working Visas

When the word Visa first comes to mind your first thought is probably a nightmare. There is so much red tape and bureaucratic riff raff that is placed on the entire immigration process when you are looking to move abroad. However, this is not necessarily the case when it comes to Australia. Here is a simple walk through on how you can get a hold of a Visa, and make your Australian dreams come alive;

If you have ever applied for a student visa or a working visa in another country you already know that you are expected to show up with piles of paperwork, an abundance of documents, and all sorts of ID. The good news is that getting a Working Holiday Visa in Australia is not comparable to that process at all. You can fill out the entire application online and it will only take about an hour out of your day. Forget waiting in line at immigration and forget searching through fine print with a microscope. Often times if all goes well you may find yourself approved within 24 hours. For this super fast service the process must be extremely expensive, right? Wrong. The application will only set you back about $160 USD or roughly $195 AUD. That is a lot better than most other countries offer, but you probably already knew that.

Essentially Work and Holiday Visas in Australia are meant for travelers between the ages of 18 and 30 that are looking to tour the country and supplement their income with casual employment. While the process is a lot easier in Australia than most other countries, there is a set limit of Visas that are handed out each year. So, your best bet is to get prepared, make sure it is a decision you want to make and then hop online and apply.

You can visit the official site for Australian Immigration, browse different visa types, and apply by visiting

Finding a Job in Australia and Estimated Salaries

One great thing about an Australian working visa is that you are not necessarily required to get a certain type of job. You can do your research and go after whatever suits your abilities, interests, or even expected salary. With that said, there are definitely a few jobs that are easier to get for visitors to the country. If you are looking to make Australia your permanent home then you will want to look for a full time, steady position, but for the most part this is not what people with WHV’s do. It is more likely that you will be looking for a fun side job that can you help you fund your trip to Australia, and essentially get paid to travel. If that is the case then your best bet is to get started by looking for hospitality jobs. There are a number of jobs in the tourism industry as well, but you may be surprised to find out that some hard labor in Australia could have you laughing all the way to the bank.

The minimum wage is much higher in Australia and therefore you can find certain jobs such as fruit picking that will pay up to $20 per hour. Sure sitting in the sun all day picking fruit may not sound like your idea of a vacation, but think of the nice break you could take after. Visit the Great Barrier Reef or kick back in the Outback for a week, all paid for thanks to your short term employment. If you are less interested in touring all the sights and having a luxurious vacation then you should look into working at a cattle station. If you have previous experience and can operate machinery there is a chance you can bank up to $1,500 a week. That is the high end of the scale but most workers can average about $500 a week without any previous experience. And the best part is that these jobs usually come with free room and board, leaving you to bank your entire paycheck, send it home, and even pay off those pesky student loans.

Fruit Picking in Australia

Now when you first think about fruit picking as a job, you probably do not get overly thrilled about the idea. In fact, the first few things that come to mind are probably low pay, long hours, and grueling labor. However if you talk to travelers that have done it, or even visit a banana farm for a week, you may just realize how beneficial it can be. Of course the work is hard, but it might just be the perfect way to sculpt your beach bod and get that perfect tan you have been after. Better yet, the pay is pretty top rate and a month or two of hard work can allow you to live the easy life for months afterward. There are not many opportunities out there that allow you the freedom to work for a month or two, and then have the cash to travel to some of the most beautiful spots in the world.

There are a number of so called “working hostels” scattered around Australia that are perfect for backpackers and people looking for short term employment. One such place is Codge Lodge which is located near Queensland, Australia. The accommodations are simple, affordable and comfortable and travelers that stay there are immediately given a job at a local banana farm. In fact, if you enjoy working as a fruit picker, 3 months of steady employment can allow you to extend your Australian visa for an entire extra year.

Finding an Agricultural Job in Australia

If wrestling cattle sounds likes something that is a little more up your alley there are also an abundance of jobs for travelers on cattle farms. There is a vast array of massive cattle stations, and a much smaller population in the rural areas which makes finding a job quite easy. This does not mean you have to be an expert cattle wrangler, know how to operate a tractor, or even build a fence. There are extensive training programs that you can enroll in that will teach you the basics of farm life and help you find a job after. has an excellent crash course in farming that can help you get accustomed to farm life and help you land a job with decent wages. The course takes place on Springbrook farm in Brisbane and teaches you skills such as motorbiking, fencing, how to drive a tractor, and even how to properly work a chainsaw. While the course is not free (It costs about $1,500 USD) it comes with a whole host of add-ons and benefits such as free accommodation for 9 days and guaranteed job placement. You may be hesitant to throw down that kind of money as an investment but it is an excellent way to ease into your new surroundings. You can also receive the peace of mind that you will have a job waiting for you when you are ready. If you want to wing it and hop on a plane, then by all means go ahead. However, if you like to play it safe, VisitOZ is a great option. Landing a job on a farm can get you anywhere from $500-$1,500 a week depending on your skill set. You will also end up being in the remote Outback which allows you to pocket pretty much your entire paycheck. If that isn’t banking cash while traveling then what is?

Miscellaneous Jobs in Australia

If neither of those opportunities sound like something you would be interested in there is still a whole host of other jobs. You can find work at a pub, as a tutor, as an Au Pair, as a maid, or even as a sailor. If you have something specific that peaks your interest, go for it. If you want to cross your fingers, hop on a plane and just go to Australia, chances are you will still have the trip of a lifetime. In the end, if Australia is the place you want to be, the place you want to travel to, and the place you want to work, the opportunities are out there. If you want to land a job before going and play it safe, it is possible. If you want to pack your bags, take off and deal with each step when the time comes, go for it. Australia is a country that has been built on immigration, friendliness and tourism. Accordingly, if you are a friendly tourist looking to relocate to Australia you will be welcomed with open arms.

Be prepared to work, be prepared to get dirty, and be prepared for the adventure of a lifetime in Australia. Live, work, travel and play all at the same time in the friendly confines of the Australian Outback.

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