Avoid Throwing Money Away By Comparison Shopping for Airfare

Avoid Throwing Money Away By Comparison Shopping for Airfare

There are two things that everyone loves; finding great deals and going on vacation. That is what makes saving money on a travel package and booking a cheap vacation so exhilarating. That feeling you get when you are sitting on an airplane, looking around at the other vacationers, and knowing that the majority of them paid more than you, is heavenly. Sure maybe it is a little conceded and a little vein to think that way, but hey you found a deal, bask in the glory.  Don’t think that anyone else in your position wouldn’t be feeling the same way.


Now you may love that feeling, but you have to know that airlines are bitter when they see you with that “I saved money” smile. Well, we here at BankableTravel don’t really care how bitter they get, or how much they judge us. We are in this for travelers, just like you. We want to see more “I saved money” smiles and less “I am going to have to re-mortgage the house when I get home,” frowns on airplanes. With that said, here are 5 travel secrets that Airlines do not want you to know about. Read up on these five fast facts, use them when booking a flight, and your chances for scoring a better deal on your next vacation are sure to increase, meaning we did our job.

Airfare Saving Secret #1-Low Cost Airlines don’t always offer Low Cost Fares

 There are a number of airlines out there that are known for being discount airlines that offer no frills service and packages. Without getting into names you already know who they are. However due to the steady competition in the market many big time airlines have been forced to match the prices that the smaller companies have offered. Don’t always assume that budget prices will be offered by budget airlines, and make sure you do as much comparison shopping as you can. This isn’t to say great deals aren’t offered by discount airlines, we just don’t want you to make any assumptions.

 Airfare Saving Secret #2—Mix and Match Makes Sense

What a lot of people do not realize is how much money can be saved by mixing and matching fights, especially if you are thinking of jumping on a plane last minute. The problem comes into play when you realize that these massively discounted airfares may not be headed to your desired destination. Well, that may not be as big of a problem as you think. Consider if you are looking to take a trip to Miami from New York. There may be no deals whatsoever for the direct route and you may think you will have to pay full price. However you can actually use two completely separate airlines to book two different round trip tickets to get there. There may be a discounted last minute flight from New York to Tennessee and another deal on a round trip flight from Tennessee to Miami. Stack them together and you can fully take advantage of last minute airfare deals, thanks to a little creativity. In fact, most airlines will even switch your bags over to another airline free of charge, just make sure you inquire about it before handing off your valuables.

Airfare Saving Secret #3- Taxes are a Killer

We have all done it before. You find an incredible deal online that comes in at a staggeringly good price for a roundtrip. You grab your credit card, call your best friend, and move onto the booking process. As you are punching in your daunting credit card numbers you realize the full price has doubled, almost even tripled. Did you get that sinking feeling? Yeah, we know all about it. From fuel charges, security fees, and anything else the airlines feel like throwing at you, it is not uncommon to pay more for taxes than for the actual airfare. This is unavoidable, but still an excellent rule to keep in mind when comparison shopping. A lot of travel websites do not show the applicable add-ons until the final stage of booking.  There are more than a few travelers that have passed over better deals and booked more expensive airfare after being fooled by the last minute tax hike. When you are comparing airfare prices, take the extra time to click through until the final stage of booking so you understand the true value of the ticket.


Airfare Saving Secret #4- Cookies can Pack on Pounds…….and Airfare Prices

Cookies are not just a diet killer, they can also hold you back from finding the best available deals. Most popular websites these days use cookies (text files) and plant them on your hard drive in order to keep track of your online movement. This keeps track of all your information and makes it easier for you to save your billing address and preferences. The problem is that these cookies remember the airfare prices you are looking for. So if you searched for a roundtrip flight to Bali last week and then come back to see if the price went down, the cookies might show you the same results from before. This can keep you out of the loop when it comes to decreases in fares, but the solution is quite simple. If you do not mind reentering your information, delete and clear your cookies on your browser every time you want to perform a new search. May seem annoying and tedious, but could save you hundreds of dollars in the long run.

Airfare Saving Secret #5- Not all Major Travel Web Sites are Created Equal


This is a common mistake that people make, yet travelers continue to do it. Too many of us just assume that the same rates will be available on all the major travel sites such as Expedia, Travelocity, and so on. The truth is that each site, even the lesser known ones, does their own negotiations and will have exclusive deals for certain locations. Your best bet is to check all the sites individually, even though the site will offer to search a number of sites at the same time for you. On top of this, airlines are noticing the amount of business that these websites are getting. Accordingly they are starting to offer exclusive deals on their own sites that may be better than anything you can find offered on sites full of so called “travel experts”.

The bottom line here is that airfares are changing all the time. Prices can change as many as three or four times a day and it is your job to keep on top of them. There are a number of travel websites and resources that you can use to your advantage but you can get the most out of them by comparison shopping all the time. Sales are abundant and are waiting for you to find them; you just have to be willing to put in the extra time. Keeping these airfare saving secrets in mind and simply knowing the rules should go a long way in helping you find the best airfare prices, and plane tickets, available at the time.

Good luck and happy travels.

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